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Daily Dependence

I started reading and studying Anything last summer with my 3 sisters via weekly Google Hangouts. When we were reading the book, I was in the midst of chronic and debilitating nerve pain as a result of having shingles in Jan of 2013. All last summer, I prayed that God would use my pain for His glory – whatever that may entail. By that time I had already had pain for a year and a half and by last summer it seemed we had run out of treatment options. Postherpetic neuralgia is known for being difficult to treat and for not having a known “cure”…. Read more »

Perfect no more.

I grew up that good little girl Jennie talks about. I would tremble at the thought of being in trouble or having someone think badly of me. I never spoke out and always tried to be perceived as such a perfect person, even as a young child. This carried on into my teenage years, and while on the inside and behind closed doors I wasn’t that good little girl, to everyone’s eyes that mattered to me I was. I prayed a prayer to accept Christ as my savior when I was around 13 years old on the floor of my bedroom after going to a… Read more »

Do I Have YOUR Attention Now?

I had prayed for years that my spouse would be removed from my life, I told God the only way I won’t be in fear of him is if he is arrested and put in jail! I was married to a person that I didn’t trust! He would say, if I can’t have you, no one can! He was controlling and was caught up in various unlawful things. On August 17, 2011, was when my life got rather complicated. This was a start of my post traumatic syndrome. I was trying to get a hold of my spouse for around 6 hours. I even, thought… Read more »

When life changes

Last month I received a call early one afternoon that I had been waiting for and yet one I was never really going to be ready for. I am single and 27. I live and work in academia and bought my own house a year and a half ago. I remember just before reading Anything telling God that I had made enough decisions on my own and that I didn’t want to make any more major life decisions unless I was married and had someone else to go through life with. And then, last summer I read Anything for the first time and I remember… Read more »

Losing her Everything

This “Anything” story is about my friend Donna. To DK,(my nickname for her)her children were her everything. She has two girls and two boys. The boys are soccer players. The girls are cheerleaders. And DK is their biggest fan and supporter. She has totally invested in her life in smelly cleats and shin guards and hair bows and glitter. Her oldest son Michael had the dream of playing D1 college soccer since he was about 8. Jeff and DK did everything to help his see his dream come true. They sacrificed money, time, and their own dreams to help Michael achieve his. He has played… Read more »

A Joy Renewed

I never thought losing a child would be the ultimate path God had me walk to my anything story, yet this is my reality. And honestly, losing my son is just one hardship of several that I have now faced in my short 32 years of life. I have lost a mom (as a young child), struggled and overcome an eating disorder (in my 20’s), have walked the road of infertility and then learning how to parent a child with disabilities (20’s to present), and now the hardest of them all . . . birthing a child that was already being held in the arms… Read more »

My Anything….My Heart

My Anything…My Heart! My anything is my heart. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 5 years old. I have lived most of my life seeking His Kingdom first – wanting nothing more than to follow where He would lead. But I wanted more, needed more, was tired of the same old, same old way of just living, I wanted to be all in for Jesus and have that abundant full life He promised. Then a handful of years ago, in my early 30’s I gave my heart over to Him FULLY. During a fun Memorial Day weekend I started having heart palpitations… Read more »

The Lord in the Red Living Room

Soooo, I’m sitting with the Lord, at Karen’s house, February, 2015, meditating on Romans 11:33, which I’m trying to memorize. “We cannot wrap our minds around God’s wisdom and knowledge! Its depths can never be measured! We cannot understand His judgments or explain the mysterious ways that He works!” It was especially striking me about the wisdom and knowledge part. He continually reveals to us….in HIS time. I was looking around her beautiful home, that is decorated so nicely, and above all, just full of love and hospitality, when The Lord said to me, “She has made a LIFE, and you aren’t fully living yours.”…. Read more »

Anything Beginnings by Rhonda Quayle

Hi Jennie and IF team! I enjoyed so much your live #anythingproject launch last night!! It is cracking me up so hard that I am currently a part of this journey with “all – Ya’ll” (northwest gal from Washington state tries to say with a southern accent.) My Anything seems impossible but here is how my story began. Last spring, 2014 I ran into Jennie’s blog and IF:gathering via Instagram, I can not even tell you how. Back then I tried to understand the IF:gathering web site, but honestly, I just could not wrap my brain around IF:gathering’s website crypticness. I had no clue what… Read more »

Fatigue from fighting instead of trusting

6.15.15: Yikes! This is sooo out of my comfort zone to even sit and type this… but in listening to the kickoff of the Anything Biblestudy tonight, I felt God strongly nudging me to be vulnerable and take the time to document His moving in my life. So, for HIS glory, I’m uncomfortably sharing. Tonight I feel newly refreshed with the hope of what Jennie just shared, that “so much of our fatigue comes from our fight, instead of the trust that God has designed for us”. I literally felt God move in that statement – that it was said just for me! I am… Read more »

I surrender by Hillsong

Hello, My name is Joyce. I am 16 years old and have loving parents and two older brothers. Yesterday night I prayed the anything prayer surrendering ALL to God. I had prayed this a few months ago, but I had never truly followed it with my actions. When I first “surrendered” all to God, I was at church invited by a friend. Friends and I had spent the weekend over at one of the girl’s house (she is a foreign student just like me and does not live with her parents too). That whole weekend I had felt a thug in my heart. I remember… Read more »

I’ll do it.

Ok so this is my “anything” #2:) I was at a conference a handful of months ago and I remember having a moment with God. As I looked around the room filled with hundreds of women, I felt the Holy Spirit say “I want you to lead the women at your church.” I immediately responded with “But I feel so inadequate and ill equipped.” And he so clearly said, “I know. But I want you to lead them.” Our church is small-ish. About 125 people. My husband is the Pastor. We’ve been a part of this community for a little over two years. I’ve got… Read more »

My Anything Journey with God

My Anything journey with God had several sputtering starts before I finally started living for real on a daily basis with God. When I was 10 I said and signed the Sinner’s Prayer in the New Testament the Gideons handed out to my grade 5 class at school. When I was 23 I felt drawn back to church after a rough ride in the world, and I gave my whole self to the Lord as I was confirmed by the bishop and the laying on of hands. After being scooped up by the world again, at the age of 26 I received healing as I… Read more »

Rescued by Grace

My story is not unique in that 1 out of every 3 women between 15 and 45 have an abortion. How God used my abortion to change my life and to rescue me from myself revealed to me that He heard my cries and never forgot me. I was 19 and realized my yearning for love and acceptance came with a price. My lost dignity and self worth came much sooner, but it was 25 years after running from God and my abortion that He broke through my heart of stone (Ezek 36:26) and poured in His spirit. I married a man soon afterward that… Read more »

Through the fire

I didn’t know if I should share my story. It’s not done yet, but I’d like to know I’m not alone. I am a 14 year old girl from Guadalajara, Mexico (excuse my English). Back when I was a little girl my family was away from God. They called themselves Christians, but I did not see the love there’s supposed to be in a Christian when I was with them. My aunt, however, was the most loving caring person I knew. I thought it had to be with her going to church, so I followed her every Sunday. I grew up learning and hearing about… Read more »

Rescued by Grace

My story is not unique in that 1 out of every 3 women between 15 and 45 have an abortion. How God used my abortion to change my life and to rescue me from myself revealed to me that He heard my cries and never forgot me. I was 19 and realized my yearning for love and acceptance came with a price. My lost dignity and self worth came much sooner, but it was 25 years after running from God and my abortion that He broke through my heart of stone (Ezek 36:26) and poured in His spirit. I married a man soon afterward that… Read more »

My “anything” is a t-shirt.

My “anything”… is a t-shirt. Here’s my story… In 2012 I read a book called “7” by Jen Hatmaker, which takes readers on a journey with the Hatmaker family as they embark on an “experimental mutiny against excess”. I loved the book and was so challenged by it that I knew I had to do something. Something more than just digest an interesting book and then continue to go about my comfortable life. As I started to take steps towards living with less stuff I began also to dream about how that might translate into giving. Because what’s the point of living with less if… Read more »

The Big C

In April of 2012, I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer at the age of 47. I have 4 beautiful children. The youngest was 10 when I was diagnosed. I had surgery abd radiation, and I was put on a hormone blocker for 5-10 years. I have had a couple of scares since my diagnosis, and fear has taken a stronghold in my life. I am so afraid my cancer will come back, and I will not be able to see my baby girl grow up. My “Anything” would be to let go of my fear and trust God with the days I have… Read more »

Chemicals to Guinea Pigs

My life began over 30 years ago… born into a Christian home as an only child. My dad was in the military, my mom was a stay-at-home mom who nurtured me in so many amazing ways. God was real, He was to be obeyed, and I was taught to live in His ways. I grew up, went to college, and met a great guy. He was the youngest of 4, also from a Christian family that had taught him to obey and honor God with his life. We got married 3 years later, after graduating from college and began life as newlyweds with visions of… Read more »

If everthing and everyone…

Once Upon a Time a young sailor and a college girl reunited a high school friendship at a ‘chance’ meeting in a Pizza Hut on Christmas Eve over a few pepperonis. This led to a dinner date a few days later followed by lots of letters and several more dates when possible. Rare phone calls and more letters. By Mother’s Day in May the two had decided this relationship was heading toward marriage. A ring and an announcement of their intent became reality. On the Fourth of July the young sailor was having second thoughts and the engagement was put on hold. Broken hearted, near… Read more »