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This is my little girl. God led us to get pregnant with her and within a week we were expecting her. She waved at us in this picture and bounced up and down as though she was thrilled that mommy and daddy were seeing her. We never saw her again because I miscarried. Since then I have been afraid to let it happen again. I don’t want the loss and the pain of losing another child. But holding this away from God could be keeping me from receiving His amazing plan for my life or the life of another child. I’m giving God the right… Read more »


What do I do when I have been placed exactly where I thought I wanted to be – my dream job obtained – only to realize that it doesn’t fulfill?


We are officially moving to jackson, MS and leaving Austin, TX. my heart breaks saying it but do know this is where God is calling us. so my picture would be this city, the community and who we have become bc of our time here. i am giving up my comfort zone, my grove, my feeling that i am thriving. that is my anything. i feel like i am thriving here, but God has other plans, so we go. no friends, different culture, different mindsets, different everything.


Lord, You were good and faithful to give this to me. And You are good and faithful to ask me to hand it back over to Your care as You call me somewhere else. In the past years I have come to know every paint chip on that floor. I have painted it, cleaned it and repaired it. I have walked it thousands of times and felt the warmth of each light above. On that stage I hid from the world, prayed deeply and sung songs at the top of my lungs. It was my earthly refuge that I could transform into anything I needed… Read more »


Meaning a “normal” family. I know we plan to foster and that means our family won’t be normal. Our family pictures will have a child in it one year and gone the next. I don’t know if God will ever allow us to adopt one of the children he brings to our home. So it’s a bit sad and even scary at times to think of the future and the pain we may go through….the highs and lows of fostering, etc. But I know He calls us to take care of the orphans…even if it’s not normal and pretty.


I am tired of being controlled by what others think of me. I am tired of making decisions, disciplining my children, and exhaustively over-committing because of my fear of “missing out”. The Lord has called me to live in a fish bowl as my husband and I do ministry at a guest ranch where I am consistently being watched and observed. I am daily deciding and at times, moment by moment deciding to surrender this all consuming desire. My audience should be but One, our Lord and Savior and I should be only after His glory and edification. Every decision, every question, every relationship should… Read more »


At this moment in my life, I can’t pinpoint a single thing that I’m afraid to trust God with, but rather it’s all the little things that get between me and God. My wayward heart looks for anything else to fill the empty places in my soul. The thing that I’m afraid to give to God changes each day. Whatever is before me can seem so important and I quickly forget God’s awesome power. I’m afraid to give him my heart and let Him fill me with His peace.


Laying my Isaac Down…. My Desire for healthy baby… We have tried…no baby yet…1 more try…God is bigger than medicine but can use it…God opens wombs…He is still God even if He doesn’t open mine! Knowing God is not “Plastic” but REAL! I am experiencing more of God through this trial. I studied the infertile women of the Bible …all but 1 experienced “temporary infertility” only to have God open their wombs in His perfect time…all went on to birth male children that became the patriarchs of our Christian faith. Sarah-mother of Isaac, Rebekah-mother of Jacob & Esau, Rachel (my name sake)-mother of Joseph &… Read more »


I never expected to have a special needs child. I was not prepared for the immense amount of work; physical, and emotional, and spiritual, that this would entail. But what has surprised me above all else, is my need for control. Having a child who defies all control I try to exhibit is forcing me to relent. It is God’s design for me to give Him everything. It is my sin nature to resist. But this has pushed my limits in ways I never expected and come to find out, that is a really good thing. Anything.


God, You alone hold my future. My dreams, my fears, and my desires are all in your vision and held in your hands. Thank you that You work all things together for good. Help me to trust that you see me and have not forsaken me. I believe that you are behind, beside and before me and I place my faith in You as we journey through this life together.


Time and schedule are what I am working to surrender and trust God with at this juncture. I wear many different hats. From working and career, to volunteering, to kids and their activities, household, husband, ministry and service. The ministry service portion always gets squeezed out. Work seems to take over, I always feel like I am rushing from place to place and don’t do any of these things well. Too many choices to make, conflicting with where I really want to spend my time on this planet (as Jennie says in her study). Most working women struggle with this. I must trust God that… Read more »


One of my anythings is my kids. To let go of misplaced fear and control over my boys and enjoy them, craziness and all. To be humble when we all mess up in family life. To extend grace instead of criticism.


One of my anythings is expectations. I think God is asking me to relax, not run in a frenzy after my humanly-impossible expectations of life or family or purpose. This means letting go of my expectations of spouse, and children, and reputation, and achievement. It means learning to relax in the “what IS,” instead of pandering for the what “is NOT” in my life. It means enjoying where I am and experiencing God’s grace.


Love encompasses my greatest calling to love God and others….but it also speaks to my greatest desire on earth to give & experience love in the form of a husband and children.


I like to go. I like moments with God 10,000 feet in the air and thousands of miles from home. God feels bigger to me there. In praying anything- I am giving up finding God in these places. And learning that I don’t have to go anywhere to find Him.


Lord, these photos are filled with people I love that You have given me. I am giving over all of the hard that comes with people – wanting to be enough and seeking their approval and not wanting to let them down and living up to expectations set for me. You are enough for me, Lord. You are always enough for me.