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Time Stealers

My heart is for God. I want Him more than anything, and yet, I have been guilty of idolatry. Well, no more. I have surrendered my idols – my chosen, habitual, life-taking time stealers – to God. He can have them. I just want Him. More of Him.


I am a Christian who loves God and has since an early age. I attend a great church where the Lord makes His presence known. He has been real to me for a long time; however I still struggle daily with living for Him. I may not commit what some consider “the big sins” –even though sins are ALL the same– but I often feel like I should be doing more for God. I try to remind myself daily to “pick up my cross and follow Him.” This may sound silly, but although I believe in Him and know His plans for us our amazing,… Read more »


I want to surrender my fear of failure. I’m so afraid of making a mistake that I don’t even try. Lately it seems every day I’m being reminded that God can’t work in my life as He wants to when I’m trying so hard to control everything so I don’t make a mistake. I want to step into the abundant life He’s longing to give me if I’ll take His hand and trust Him to never fail me.

My Husband

My now husband and I met several years ago and we were married less than a year ago. I knew he was “the one” I was going to marry early in our dating relationship and I am thrilled that I can now call my best friend my husband. And while these first months of marriage have been wonderful, don’t get me wrong, they haven’t been perfect or always easy. There have been tough moments to be sure. So I’m under no illusion that married life is all flowers and date nights – I know it’s work! Yet even in the mess of married life, I… Read more »


I struggle with the need to be beautiful. Even though this is an innate desire in all women, it takes hold of me at times. I want to be better – tanner, thinner, have better makeup, prettier hair. I need to let go…accept myself the way God made me and let His beauty shine through me as I take care of the beauty He has given me.


having a bad day, i decided to take happiness in my own hands. i bought plastic eggs, filled them with money and candy, and hid them in my neighborhood. that day, not knowing if anyone would ever find, open, or appreciate my gift, i still found happiness. in DOING something. in trying.


At the moment it is comparisons. I hear of what someone is doing for God and next thing you know I am poking myself with questions, or really God with them. But then He doesn’t allow me to go too far down that path, and instead interjects His thoughts to interrupt my own and I am reminded that what He has called me to and who has made me to be is just as important. I am reminded that with God there is no favoritism. And that the languages He desires me to speak are that of faith and obedience, not comparisons. He gently challenges… Read more »

A happy marriage

My ‘anything’ is my desire to meet and marry the person I believe God has for me, and sharing a happy, strong and Godly marriage with Him. I come from a broken home, with divorced parents, uncles and aunts and unhappy brothers and grandparents. I’ve been in 2 relationships that did not end well. It’s a struggle to believe that God will break the chains of unhappiness and divorce in my life. But I do want to believe it. I want my marriage to be another space in my life to serve and love Him. So this is the anything I want to give God.


I tend to focus on what I’m afraid I’ll never have: stability, a family of my own, a place to belong, intimacy, significance, a sense that I matter and am making a difference. After my brother’s death 5 months ago, I’m more aware of what I could lose and at times I find myself wondering who/what God will take from me next. I end up thinking that there is so much I desire that God hasn’t given me that he shouldn’t take the few things I do have. Yet at the same time, I know that none of these things (that I’m afraid to lose… Read more »

my own nature

In this period I’m in the middle of some changings in my life. I experience Gods work within me and I really feel that He is molding me. It’s hard and super neccesary! It’s my deepest desire to walk with Jesus every day and to feel the gracious love and acceptations of the Father.. even so the joyous work of the Holy Spirit. These changings make me really happy and more thankfull than ever. But the more I experience God and realize that He is preparing me for life with/for Him, the more I see myself standing between God and me. It’s so hard to… Read more »


It is hard to know where to begin and I am not even sure this applies to the post but either way I will share my Anything. I think it is not really about what I am afraid of losing but what I am afraid will not be won for Christ. My husband was raised in the church and was a “good boy” until he went off to college. We started dating a few years ago and shortly after I came into a relationship with Christ for the first time and it had appeared that my husband had come back into a relationship with Christ…. Read more »


I want to be satisfied by God’s love and presence. I want to wake up in the morning feeling alive and full of His strength. I am scared that if I give up all earthly comforts to make way for God in my heart, that I will be left feeling lonely and incomplete. I am worried that I will miss everything that my worldly mind longs for. God is and will always be more than enough to overwhelm my soul, but it will take courage to seek Him and Him alone.


I used to have passion. A passion for the direction my life should be heading. Now there is no passion. I live day to day, sadly, probably like most people who have never experienced a true passion in life and don’t know what they are missing. I want that passion and drive back in my life. I don’t care what direction my life goes as long as God places a passion in me for that direction.

the hopeof a new home

I have asked God for a new home for 13 years. This one I have now is very old and is falling in. The road to this house has veered off and has taken several different paths. I dont know what he wants me to do but I am willing to give it to him because I would not want it if his hand was not in it. He means more to me than anything.