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I am afraid my life won’t have purpose. Did God change the direction of our family’s life or did I mess up and land us here? Because of that I am afraid we’ll not be accepted and that instead of living a life of meaning I will live a life swayed from one day to the next by fears and expectations of others and my own.

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I give and give and pour out my friendship, not in an annoying or extreme way. Just the normal once a week chat or get-together to “show myself friendly.” I’m the listener, the encourager, the one who accepts you for who you are but also doesn’t let you remain in your junk. And if it’s any help, God gave me general attractiveness so it’s not as if I am repulsive in some strange way. So, why am I crushed over and over and over again by Christian people? After reaching out to not just one type of individual but several types after all these years… Read more »


I’m So Happy that The Lord is With me Everyday of my Life and to Trust and to Obey The Word of God and Pray Everyday!


I’m so Happy The our Lord with me Everyday of my life. and via His word !


I am trusting God to save me from my self.


I spent 18 years with one husband who left me after 3 kids…My new husband of 4 years is a gem…but I worry about who I am and how “I” affect our marriage? I am impatient. I am strong-willed. I have ideas and want to be heard. I won’t tolerate being treated as less-than. I work hard–but maybe I need to focus more on “being” that working? My expectations are probably too high. This is scary…but I want to lay this down before the feet of Jesus.


I am afraid I will be single the rest of my life. I am 24 now and have never had a boyfriend. It’s tough being patient.


i am afraid..people will think i am a “Jesus Freak” and run the other way. I want to share his word but not “over due it” to the point where people will think “here we go again!”

Celebrating at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, 2010

I’m afraid of the future because I have Parkinson’s Disease. I’m in my mid 50’s. Will I be able to hold my future grandchildren? Will my husband be able to handle the care I’ll need in the future?


I am afraid of rejection. I do not risk my heart so it will not be rejected, yet I long for a loving marriage.

I am afraid God will ask me to remain single forever.

My heart’s deepest desire, the dream I’ve held on to and fantasized about since I was a little girl, is to be a wife and a mother. I grew up with parents who loved each other so incredibly much and who were never afraid to shower affection on one another in front of my three sisters and I. I grew up dreaming about having a marriage like theirs. One of my younger sisters married her high school sweetheart three years ago, and I was equal parts thrilled for them and sad for myself that I was nowhere close to walking down the aisle. Another younger… Read more »


Yes… I’m a 43 year old single mom to a precious little boy who is about to turn 3. I never imagined my life would turn out this way. As a young woman I had lots of career aspirations. I pursued them, succeeded, did well… but felt empty. My first marriage failed. I waited 10 long years before marrying again and had prayed this prayer “God, I will not get married again unless this man loves you more than he loves me.” In 2006 I thought I met that man. The first two years of marriage were good.. but lots of adjusting. Then he turned… Read more »

My home

My greatest fear is losing my home, and by home I mean my family and our safe place, our place to be a family!

Although I usually don’t have many fears I do sometimes fear that I may not follow the Lord due to not really hearing the right direction He may be leading in seeing the Call He has placed on my life fulfilled as He desires it to be. My desire is to follow in the things He has planned for me so that anyone who sees me will readily know that I am His and that I walk correctly.

my future

everything… my husband. my children. my future children. my heartbeat. my own life. i have been diagnosed with a chronic illness… one that can take my life 20 years from now, or as soon as tomorrow morning. i may not see my sweet children make start or finish kindergarten… i may not be around to greet my precious husband as he comes home tonight from work. but, i must trust in the Lord’s goodness, His graciousness, His glory, His mercy, and His sovereignty. i will treasure today. i will treasure this moment. i will sing His praises as i take my handfuls of medicine. i… Read more »


My anything is purpose….not so much having one, as being okay with what it is. I have this continual nagging feeling, that I haven’t fulfilled my purpose, that maybe I’ve missed my calling or messed up so bad somewhere that I’ve lost my chance. I had a really hard time finishing a book I was writing for moms. It took me eight years. Sometimes I was afraid to work on it because I was convinced that it WAS my purpose – which meant if it got finished, God wouldn’t need me anymore. That is my anything today. It was different a week ago…and may be… Read more »


My anything tends to be lack of control in my marriage. I


There are two things that hold me back from the life that God has for me. Discontentment is the worst but my procrastination leads to the discontent. Procrastination is my biggest battle. At least lately. I feel lazy and apathetic about a lot things. (I have started to come back from some post partum stuff, I think)I try to fill my time with meaningless things when I should be living a full and courageous life. Discontentment my joy stealer. I can never seem to be satisfied with anything. My home, my job, my clothes, my hair, the list goes on and on. I always find… Read more »


What I’m scared of the most is the thing I most try to avoid. I’m scared of people not liking me. I know that sound a bit juvenile. So I write safely, I try to take care of all the possible questions that haters might have before I put out a blog post, I do my best not to be offensive {while I know that there are other people who do their best TO be offensive.}. I change names and places when I’m talking about something very sensitive and lately I’ve been dancing more around the safe and easy-to-write than the things I’m struggling through… Read more »