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I can’t help but constantly try to shake off the feeling that every single one of us is meant for more; more of His goodness, more of His love, more of His mercy, more of the pure faithfulness that comes out of our Father’s arms to be reached to others. My anything is purpose. I’m scared that I’ll be so paralyzed by fear that I will miss out on an opportunity to shine His glory. We all have unique fingerprints, we all have a purpose. I give it up to Him that He might make it more clear for me to live out James 1:27


I’m 44 yrs old; never married and always dreamed of that perfect husband with 6 children. How do I give up this “anything”? The one desire of my heart that everyone has told me to have patience about – is about to break me. If I have to hear – “I don’t know why some man hasn’t snatched you up.” – one more time, I just might burst.


It’s time I let go of the one thing I want more than any other thing in the world… lots of money!


I take my family for granted. I am So blessed and NEED to recognize God working in my life

Wasted Time

My constant worry at times is that I am doing all that I can be doing for the Lord. Praying for everyone on my heart, Witnessing for Jesus, Wresting fears, Not being as bold for Jesus as I should, Be that Light with all that I meet everyday, Not dealing with and addressing what He wants to and just making sure I’m not wasting time. I really want o hear the words, “Well done good and faithful servant enter in the joy of the Lord!” I’v wasted enough time and know I just want to give all to HIm, and not turn back or back… Read more »

Holding on

What are you missing because you are afraid? I am afraid of fully giving my all to God. I still hold onto my finances and only partially tithe. This is the only part of my life that I struggle with. I need to build stronger faith in God that he is my provider and will carry me through my financial crisis that I am in. I know this, but have such a challenge living it. I pray that I grow stronger in faith and stop holding on to what I am not in control of. If I weren’t afraid I would give it all to… Read more »


I am being called to take my nursing skills to work among First Nations People of Northern Canada. I am following God’s call to work in the most remote communities and to be a light and ambassador; in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-21).

the unknown

I fear the unknown……like not knowing means it is too late, I have missed my opportunity because Fear blocks the view of My opportunities, in my fear I turn my back on God and unlimited possibilities.

I don’t know how.

I would like to be the person I was about 35 years ago,and not have the panic attacks,chronic anxiety,and depression that came on all at once.I was married,had four children,the eldest now 38 has Autism,and the youngest suicided ten years ago July 27th.I was a Cns,working at the local hospital,and a local nursing home,and took time off to do home care for my Uncle who was in end stage of prostate cancer.My pastor would give me a stern talking to whenever I got to church with my family,as “I wasn’t supposed to work on Sunday.) I had to explain that Hospitals and Nursing Homes don’t… Read more »

be at peace

If I wasn’t afraid, I would… …Stop letting the choices of my past weigh me down and make me feel like a failure …Give myself permission to embrace – without going back to feeling like a failure – the amazing way God has used personal chaos to steer my heart …Not freak out about being unsure of what my “purpose” is — but simply let Him love me and see where my daily reciprocated love for Him will lead me …Relax. Be calm. Be still. Breathe. Be at peace.

What is my anything?

If I weren’t afraid, I would be more comfortable in my marriage. We have been through some really tough times the past few years and I know I need to trust in God and know it will all be ok.


If I were not afraid I would publish the writings the Lord has placed on my heart and on paper for over 30 years. They are written to honor and glorify Him.

If I weren’t afraid

If I weren’t afraid of anything I would seek publishing the books the Lord has placed on my heart and on paper for the past 30 years. They are written to glorify and honor Him!

If I weren’t afraid I would blog my life and write my story for a book. I’m so afraid of failing, being inadequate, not saying enough or saying WAY too much, being vulnerable…Like the little girl in the picture.

Fear of Fostering/Adoption

We have an incredible family, the type of family I always dreamed of. We (us 5 plus Grandparents/Cousins) are very connected, supportive, loving, faithful to each other and God. Our family & extended family is just built to foster and adopt. Whenever it comes up, it seems to get squelched by comments… “it is so hard”, “it is hard on your kids”, “what if they teach your kids bad stuff” and on and on… We keep coming back to it because I feel God knows the good we could do and out of utter fear, it keeps getting put on the back burner. If we… Read more »


my daughter Anna is almost 37 and has been dealing with autism all her life. some consider her “servere” as she cannot do the basics without help. Jesus has used Anna to teach me about honesty, she loves Jesus and will sing & praise Him loud. i caught myself telling her to be quiet, then i realized (thru the Holy Spirits voice) that singing and praising God are her witness. since i backed off she is now enjoying her time at church all the more. thank you Lord for Your wisdom !!! amyfaith