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3 years ago I lost my beloved Grandmother. She was everything to me, my light, my rock, my safe haven. I was in college 8 hours away from her when she became sick. I was given one final day with her, but the cancer had taken over so much that she wasn’t even herself. I felt robbed of that time with her. I felt like I didn’t even get to say good bye. My faith was shaken so badly, I was, and still am ANGRY and BITTER. Angry with God for taking her, angry with my family for denying me time with her, and so… Read more »

the pain of loving…and losing

Lord, I do love and need YOU most. I may not understand your plan, but I DO trust you. In this moment, my heart feels as if it will never stop bleeding. The pain of loving and losing is almost too much to bear. I beg you to forgive me for the mistakes I made and help me to forgive myself in your Name. My tears rain down…Lord, I need you now. Like Abraham voluntarily surrendered Isaac as a sacrifice to you, I now offer you my ANYTHING. My life is wholeheartedly yours. Matthew 16:25


Committed to studying art. I am willing to do anything to release my love (God’s given talent) of art.


My anything is my someone. This picture of us represents the innocence and joy of a new beginning. It was a magical December evening spent reuniting as old friends, sharing dancing, laughter and the first snowfall of winter. It continued with an all night talk that brought me to discover the man of my prayers to be right there with me. Sadly, it was also the moment a silent battle began to wage war within me, as a fear of my past slipped in the back door of my thoughts and overwhelmed my tender and growing affection for him. In my pride, I felt fearful… Read more »


I have to consistently give God control over my eating and exercise habits. I am in recovery from anorexia but even though I may appear better because I don’t look sick anymore, I still battle with the thoughts. I want to be free from the eating disorder. I hold onto it because I find identity in it, and I desire to have control over that part of my life. But God is freeing me. Every time I lay my submit to Him, He meets me and breaks more chains.

Mission’s plans

After a short term mission trip to Uganda including a visit to Gulu, our hearts were forever changed and motivated to “go”. We have prayers and plans to return long term, but so far God has other plans for us. My mission field for now is my mother in the states who is living with/dying with terminal adeno carcinoma. We have surrendered our wills and continue to pray that we are available to do whatever God might ask.


I identify myself with my work TOOO much. I get angry when I feel as though I am treated right. I have been at the hotel for 4 and a half years. I have allowed myself to be mistreated. I need to learn to identify myself with Jesus. Then I will feel successful. And I will release my resentment.


Lord, I put my faith in you. I put my trust in you. I far too often in my life I haven’t truly done that, though I have professed to be a child of yours. Now, I truly commit myself to you, willing to give up my “oh so important” job/career where I serve society in helping to protect our country. However, I more importantly want to serve you, wherever you want me. So I give you EVERYTHING. I am willing to do ANYTHING. Anything for you.


I know what people say. I know what the Bible says. How do I get my heart to really trust that what God is asking me to do is the right thing? What will others think? Will I be treated differently? So many questions. As in the game of “Mother may I”… Father, may I take this giant step of faith and not fall?

My daughter

We adopted Abby when she was 21 months old from Kazakhstan. Months later we realized something was very wrong. After a year and a half of testing and the craziest amount of seizures (sometimes over 50 a day), we almost lost her and were given a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. Her illness/struggle/diagnosis has consumed my soul in so many ways and remains one of my deepest spiritual battles. God has blessed her with mercy and healing in so many ways, yet she remains delayed in several areas and still battles seizures. The spiritual roller coaster I remain on continues to suck the life out of… Read more »


I am ALWAYS listening to, typing on, playing with….SOMETHING!!! Always aware that God is there but never really being still….. Constantly trying to find things to keep my mind happy…feeding my brain and body anything, but the Word of God. I NEED more God. But I am filling myself with entertainment…..My computer , my want to be constantly entertained… my Idol. I’m drawn to these things. …Romans 7 is my reality. God I give it to YOU!

Future Dreams

I’ve been praying for a husband and desiring to start a family for the past 14 years. I am 35 and unmarried. I have tried everything I know to do. I guess it is time to give up my desires for these good things, in order to be open to other dreams….

~ control ~

I am afraid of my chronic health problems taking away my CONTROL and ‘ruining’ the plans I have for my life: ~ losing my dream (I was well on my way towards become a missionary pediatrician but recently had to withdraw from medical school as a result of my sickness) ~ keeping me from finding a husband (one near-marriage relationship ended partly due to my illness) ~ not being able to find a job and stay employed (because of potentially needing a lot of sick days) ~ always struggling financially (lots of hospital bills, very expensive medications, school loans to repay despite having no current… Read more »