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I tend to worry about everything. I am giving God my fear of things I can’t control, and of the things I can. There is NO fear in Love. I am thankful that God wants only what is BEST for me, not what is good, but Best.


God has refreshed, restored, and revived our marriage of 32 years. We are giving Him the next 32+ years! Thank You Lord!!


I just turned 43 two weeks ago. I am single…never married and so no children. The only healthy way I know how to look at being single is that it is the path God has chosen for me. That He may have a call on me that requires me not to tied down with responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. I think my biggest fear is missing that call or opportunity. To have walked this out and yet miss the call. I also fear growing old and being alone…to not be a grandmother some day. I just lean in and trust God for each days provision.

Perfect Life

I have this idea of what my life is ‘suppose’ to look like: working an arts and crafts business part time from home, raising our kids, while my husband works to support us, living in a nice spacious house. Reality: I work full time at a job that’s going nowhere. My husband has a business that barely supports itself. We’re living from one paycheck to the next. And all MY ideas to get me to that ‘perfect’ life has ended in a dead end. It’s time to give up control and let God take over. Even though it’ll be a daily struggle, I’m ready. God,… Read more »


I long to live in a place that is just beyond me. A place where the Lord works in mighty ways and the only explanation can be Him. A place that is just outside of comfortable, understandable and normal. I want to be different. Not to stick out and gain attention for myself but to see and experience and live in His Presence. I want to take the step that is led by faith and kept stable by trust and led by his Voice and His Word. I have HUGE dreams that go down to my very being and are only God-able dreams. Dreams of… Read more »


I have come to realize that my Anything, changes, and was more than one thing. First, it was my family; then, it was my dream to fly; the hardest thing was my dream of a house, with land to farm, a garden of my own, Once I gave that, He showed me something even deeper, why that last thing was so hard. Most of my ‘things’ we destroyed, stolen, or not mine. I have never owned my own car, my own house, … not even my children are really my own, but on loan to me from God. I will have to let them go,… Read more »

My children

After a major trial and loss of our first child, I fear if I say “anything,” God will take them too. I know in my head they are not really mine to begin with, but it hasn’t made it’s way to my heart yet. I’m scared to let go. Oh, Lord, help me know how to do this!!

Over Eating

I have come to realize that I have been using food as an idol. It is time to give that up and seek and trust the Lord! He is my center, my rock, my all!


Lack of patience has always been a struggle for me. God you know the desires of my heart. Please show me what your plan is for me?


My dad was recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. All of the treatments have made it so he cannot talk and he weighs only 120 lbs. He has to eat through a feeding tube and it kills me. I have given his health to God because my worry accomplishes nothing!

Letting go!

Letting go of my failed dreams. Letting go of my perception of what my life should have been and never will be. Letting go of past hurts in all my relationships, and extending grace to others as Jesus did to me. This is the steepest cliff I have ever tried to jump off of. 🙂

Past Hurts, Pain, Letting go, forgiving,

The most difficult thing I struggle with is letting go of past hurts and failures. It is a struggle to believe God has forgiven me from my past failures in the flesh. It has also been difficult for me to forgive a certain person for causing misery in my marriage and family. ..but worse forgiving myself for allowing this person such control.


What I want more than anything, to be a great mother. My fear is failure. I grew up with a narcissistic mother who has reminded me of every mistake in life I have made, including having a child before marriage. The hardest thing is trying to not be the mother to my son that my mother was and is to me. Today, I surrender it into God’s hands. He is my “Anything.”

My beautiful daughter

I am most afraid of loosing this beautiful young woman. I am on a journey to ask God to help me be the example that I need to be for her. To help me let go of my bitterness and anger, of my past hurts and failures. To help me enjoy and be happy in my bright future. So that she see’s that I was the best Mom that I am able to be.