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Anything Submission Heart For Annie -Tracy Lane The day the white-coated specialist announced, “I’m sorry. Something’s wrong with your baby’s heart. She probably won’t live to be born,” was the scariest day of my life. He gave us a choice that day, one that he said would be easy. Bravery isn’t as glorious as it’s usually depicted. I didn’t feel brave covered in cold ultrasound goop, snotty nosed and red-eyed, sobbing that half of my unborn daughter’s heart was missing. But I learned that brave is doing the right thing when it doesn’t feel like it’s worth doing. Two weeks later, another specialist confirmed, “She… Read more »

First Step into the Jordan… And What Came After

Going alone to IF was a HUGE step for me. I honestly was worried about not fitting in with the women there, and being judged for any number of things: my weight, my wild/frizzy hair, my almost complete lack of Noonday jewelry ( it was SERIOUS CONCERN haha). So even getting into the door was a big triumph for me. My fears were assuaged, though, when the women at my end of the table were so kind and gracious; they included me in their group conversation and invited me to dinner. At the end of the first night I was feeling like I had made… Read more »

#sold #theanythingprojectadventurebegins

It was October 2013. I had just crawled into bed, when, it was as if my soul whispered, change is coming. Generally speaking, I’m good with change. I like new and different, discovery and challenge. So, for the next few months, I contemplated and pondered and scenario-played and prayed. And there was one thought that I just couldn’t shake: I want to go home. I was living in North Carolina an after a whirlwind two years that included finding the courage to leave an unhealthy, abusive marriage , my heart was ready for a fresh start and some new scenery. I played and replayed scenario… Read more »


Our family is almost 21 years old & I’m so proud, happy and blessed! I’m so grateful to do life with them everyday! Bring on 2015!


My anything is my son. My desire that he would return to God, free and healed


My anything is my prayer for my son to return to The Lord with all his heart, free and healed


My anything is my son. For him to return to God with all his heart, free and whole


I was a young girl born to a mom who didn’t know how to be a mom. My dad sexually assaulted her and left her, and I was born. Today I’m a P31 speaker and author, but more importantly a girl in love with Jesus. A “Gaga” to 5 beautiful babies. A mom, a wife. A Bible teacher. In love w/Jesus.


I’d like to give him all that I have


To trust The Lord and lean not on my own understanding: lose the need to ask “why” about anything and everything.

my comfort Zone

We adopted a child two years ago. She was in foster care for over 8 years. God continually asks me to give up my comfortable life, my quiet ways, my favorite activities so I can work my mission field right here, in our 1275 sq ft house. I must go to trainings, therapy, change the foods we cook and the way we live due to trauma triggers in her life. For two years our world has become smaller and smaller, while hers grows into a safe place. It’s tough, but it’s God work and that ain’t easy.


I want to be significant. To be someone. To live my life with direction and passion. And my greatest if fear is the fear of dying shapeless; dying without having achieved my goals and dreams; dying without having achieved my purpose. Dying a disappointment to God, my friends, family and myself. Dying unsatisfied. Losing the little time and opportunity I have on earth to make a difference.

Future husband

I dream of having a marriage that impacts the world. That has a platform to expand His kingdom. I dream of worshipping and serving along side my husband in this fallen world. In the midst of my friends and family married or getting married, I am holding onto His truth, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” My future marriage and husband are my anything.


My husband….I have put him before God. After a year of terrible heartache, I surrender him to God. He is yours.


I have had this struggle my whole life! Relationships are so important to me, but every time I am the friend that is needed and walk with them through to the end I get left behind! I long for relationship. My husband and I have been through A LOT! From loosing our business during the recent recession, preemie son with a rare syndrome and many more things. I feel we are to much and people can’t handle it!! I long for that friend that will just snuggle up and weather the storm with me that girlfriend that I can cry to and that will help… Read more »

Approval / Acceptance

When the invitation to the party was given to the person I was currently speaking to and not me, I cried for days. When my fellow guy staff members go to lunch and don’t invite me, I call my husband and “justify” their lack of inclusion for an hour. When I work so hard and no one seems to notice, I want to quit. When I am tossed an occasional line to join the lunchers, I am excited. When I get a a “job well done” following countless times of my name being publicly forgotten, all is well. When God surrounds me with other ladies… Read more »


I can’t seem to shake my deep rooted insecurities. I’m insecure about countless things: my worth, my appearance, my identity, my success, my intelligence – pretty much everything. Lord, praying today that you take this one thing that I can’t let go of and make me new. Help me to find my worth and identity solely through You, my perfect heavenly father.