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Simple and Messy

My story is still being written, as I surrender discouragement, loneliness and sadness daily. I’m imperfect in every way, and choose to pursue God and love people regardless of my inadequacies. “Anything” for me is complicated yet plain and simple, as I choose the above every day and trust that God can work out or even use the details of my complicated and messy life. Bottom line… I’m messy, He’s perfect. But I’m His so I’ll obey and leave the consequences up to Him.

Total Surrender the Scariest Prayer I’ve ever prayed.

2 years ago I read Anything and was captivated. I always had a heart for Africa and the additional stories changed me. God changed me. I craved a closer relationship with Him. As a single mom, I read the book with my preteen daughters. We did the Bible study and really dove in each night. At the end we talked about the prayer, total surrender, and what it means to be all in. I fell deeper in love with my girls and God that day. They told me that they would support me in the prayer and my walk with God, but they weren’t ready… Read more »

My Anything (2016)

Three Summers ago I participated in an online study called “Anything”…here’s what’s happened since, here is my Anything… Following that Summer of surrender, longing for more, obedience, risk, and boldness for Jesus I began a journey, a journey full of joy, tears, humility, peace, mourning, and contentment…yes, all those things and more. My Anything began with God calling me to step out with the gifts He has given me, to make music for Him, for His Glory. It started with a simple call to fill in as the interim worship leader at my church (which I always say I was not very good at) but… Read more »

god i give you my everything

hi my name is sherri howard im 35 years old and i have three boys 18,16,6 they have been my strength i have always known who God was but i was just running away from him to seek love from others because i didnt get it as a child these last 11 months have really brought me closer then i have ever been to my God in along time he has took me from kansas to atlanta ga and from there to san diego california with nothing but him me and my six year old son it has been very scarey at times not knowing… Read more »

Obedience in the Tiny Things

I feel my Anything is yet to be determined, but my prayer is to have God shine His Light so that I may seek His will and be obedient in even the “tiny things.” Shelley Giglio shared that those can add up to the huge moments and a lifetime of faithfulness. Step by step, day by day, I pray to give my yeses to God!

Broadening the Path

Because of THIS book and THIS prayer, the last 6 months of my life have been incredible! In August 2015, I took a 50th birthday cruise to Alaska and decided to read “Anything” in my spare time. LIFE CHANGING!!! I read about 2/3 of the book before I returned home, and began asking God to show me MY Anything…and then, ANYTHING happened! I reached out on someone else’s behalf to inquire about some materials on emotional healing and recovery in the church. The person on the line assumed it was for me and began thanking God that I FINALLY accepted my calling (??? Total surprise… Read more »

Fear Not

My women’s Life Group is just finishing the “Anything” book study. It has been quite a journey since January 2016. We have shared openly and honestly our spiritual journeys, the ups and downs and have loved one another well. I included a picture of the domino I selected at our IF Gathering local retreat. The container went around the table and I was to be the second last one to draw a domino. I said in my heart that I hope my domino has 33 on it. As you can see, it does. 33 is a special number for me. It the age Jesus was… Read more »

For the love of an unknown child

I’ve been pondering fostering a for some time know. Anything was the spring board for this purpose I had Deep in me but had reservations about. I now feel full of courage to abandon my routine, scripted life for the recklaceness we read about in these pages. To embark on this journey will be pose trials at times but I know God will be with me and my family and provide the tools to help those suffering spiritually and physically. I can’t wait.

Surrendering My Anything

“Anything is nothing in light of that. In light of forever. In light of him.” This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I began at a place where for the first time I felt like I really liked what my life looked liked. Like I was truly comfortable. And in comfort, I forgot Jesus. I thought I could do it on my own. I thought it was me who got me here in the first place. I forgot what God has done in my life in favor of putting myself on a pedestal. This bible study revealed my deepest weakness, my… Read more »


I prayed “anything” ….I still don’t know exactly what God wants me to do here on earth. I am praying that I shine his name, his image through the mundane. I pray that anyone,anywhere, anytime I will be willing to do his will. It’s hard letting go of that control. I will go Lord. Lead me.

Fixation for His glory.

Hello! My name is Jordann, I’m 20, and this is my Anything. Here I am sitting at a Starbucks and I get to the last project Jennie challenges me with and she wants me to post my story online. Immediately I say no, but then I recall that this is exactly where Jesus wants me. Outside of my comfort zone. This study has really impacted my life. It has made me so much more passionate about the Gospel. I have been able to look back on my life and realize where God was working and what He is doing right now. Not only do I… Read more »

I Am Not Living for Me

As a 17 year old senior in high school, praying the prayer of “Anything” is overwhelmingly scary… Sometimes I feel like I can pray it, but then I let my selfish nature get in the way, and convince myself to wait until I am an adult, or maybe just a little bit older. But today, I realized that vowing to do anything can start really basic for me. I have to first acknowledge that my plans and my dreams are ultimately meaningless compared to God’s glory and His plans for me. This begins with me DAILY praying “Lord, what is it that you want for… Read more »

For 6 years i was abused physically & mentally let alone emotionally. I was with the worse man i could possible be with it was my mistake i fell too into love with him it was hard for me to leave unti


My anything was patience. Patience for God to come through. In the waiting for His glory to be revealed. In waiting for my husband. In waiting for Him to heal and save and redeem. My anything is trusting God’s timing and not my own. I was finally moved to do the anything prayer when I was a total wreck in worship one day at church. And I knew my next step was to go up to the prayer partner at the front of the stage and ask her to pray it with me. And she was so excited for me. I told her I wanted… Read more »

Life Unknown

Hello, My name is Hailey and my story starts here. In 2015 I wasn’t sure what God had planned for me, as I was freshly graduated out of high school and my mind was set to conquer the world. I spent my first month’s of this year wondering what my purpose was and what I could do with it. Purpose was my obedience–I wanted to know what it was like to have some meaning to the little things in life. Not long after this never ending contemplation, God has brought some sweet angels into my life. I became a in home nanny in February to… Read more »

My people

God is completely worthy of all I am and all I have. He has loved lavishly and I shall in return. He deserves my people (family) as a willing offering.

Embracing My Place

This is the little town of Garner. This is the town I never thought I would find myself in. I thought God was calling me to more. I thought He wanted for me to be doing big things in adventurous places. Instead He called me close to my hometown, to leave friends, to leave adventure. What I didn’t realize until praying anything is that anything is anything – even Garner, Iowa. This is my place to embrace. This is my place to take simple steps toward obedience to serve people right here. To leave behind “You’re not doing enough” and move towards urgency in the… Read more »

60 Days

ANYTHING- This not only includes obedience the crazy, radical, and big anythings but includes obedience in the quiet day-to-day anythings. I commit to 60 days of praying Anything and listening to God’s voice and lead. Here’s to 60 days and a lifetime of Anything!

trying to be a devoted christian woman, with a twist. no one else would do

I am a step mother, who when i met my husband i only wish i knew where our story would lead us. Would I take the same steps or would I run away, never look back or would I learn to love my husband through this crazy situation, we are now living in. I am a step mom of 4 strong willed teenagers, learning to be mom after never having one of my own. Now only do i have the complications of being a mom, I am also living under the roof with my husbands ex wife and her argumentative, easily angered husband. I am… Read more »

Just me sharing my Anything

Today I start to get my why I write. I Feel this huge knot in my throat. A reminder of what I said and prayed to God a few it’s seem weeks but it’s actually been a few months of giving it all to God. You say “all ” yes “All” , gulp my desire is to someday my children will find this and maybe learn a few things from my do overs and my I’m sorry struggles. back to my original thought … I committed my prayer to give my Family which is my Anything , calmly tonight ( not really) I am reminded… Read more »