When Anything is Messy

I had another anything moment last night that I feel compelled to share…Last night, before Bible study, I prayed “anything” for group, the study and the night. When I got to the church to get things ready, the room was not set up – there were no tables and the chairs were in the wrong place. And, I had no time – not to mention physical strength – to get everything put into place. The plan I had for how the night was going to run had to change – and quick! Although the 30 minutes before everyone began arriving were stressful, I felt the peace of the Spirit envelop me as I started to pray and teach. As the night wore on, I came to realize that God’s vision for the night had been different than mine and he had used the room issues to lead me to him. He met us there, in the room that didn’t look right and taught us – in a better way – about our value and identity in him. Anything isn’t always pretty, but it’s always good.