trying to be a devoted christian woman, with a twist. no one else would do

I am a step mother, who when i met my husband i only wish i knew where our story would lead us. Would I take the same steps or would I run away, never look back or would I learn to love my husband through this crazy situation, we are now living in.

I am a step mom of 4 strong willed teenagers, learning to be mom after never having one of my own. Now only do i have the complications of being a mom, I am also living under the roof with my husbands ex wife and her argumentative, easily angered husband. I am a woman who prefers no chaos, little drama, and likes to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Treat others with respect, love and to serve. However, in this case, i am at my limits! I have been in this situation for 8 months, and i feel we are no where near the deadline to be free of this burden, the longer we live together, the harder it is to continue serving and cheerfully give the way God commanded us to do. Even with prayer, Bible, devotions, and counseling i feel I am close to giving up. I want to help,I want to make these relationships work be strong but in doing so, i know i must give God my burdens, but I can’t seem to do so, when I am becoming bitter with this situation, that Providence has lead me to. I’m about to start reading “Stuck” and looking forward to it. But I need some help prayer and to vent about my everyday Battle. This is my Anything post

  • Michelle Giesel

    Devoted Christian with a Twist,

    Can I just encourage you? The road you are walking isn’t easy. But be of great courage, for you DO NOT WALK ALONE! God is with you, he will never forsake you in this walk. Please, just keep pressing in to HIM! Keep getting in the word, keep going to your bible studies and counseling (hopefully biblically based). Don’t give up, not even in your words. This is a battle that is meant to fought in the heavenly realms, not with these people you are doing life with on a daily basis. Do some time in the word on Spiritual Warfare, start with The Battleground of your Mind by Joyce Meyers or Walking with God by John Eldredge. Learn how to fight the real enemy, who do not happen to be the ex and her husband, or your husband or kids. Continue to renew your mind with the word and never stop fighting. When all you can do is stand, then just stand knowing that you are standing behind the God who has already defeated the enemy at Calvary. May Christ bring you peace and a little less chaos in your home. God be with you, Michelle.