I know what people say. I know what the Bible says. How do I get my heart to really trust that what God is asking me to do is the right thing? What will others think? Will I be treated differently? So many questions. As in the game of “Mother may I”…

Father, may I take this giant step of faith and not fall?

  • Paul

    Ask yourself one Question. Who does it benefit, myself or others?

  • Elwin

    I do not know what people say. I do not know what the bible (which version??) Says.
    God (what god??) has never asked me to do anything.

    Where is the God invented by man?? or any god perceived by man??
    Who cares what others think??
    I trust only Nature to treat me the same as all of Natures “creations”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson said
    “Man is not fed that he may be fed, but that he may work”
    What is work?? only existing with nature and thus all things.
    Elwin Bagley