Total Surrender the Scariest Prayer I’ve ever prayed.

2 years ago I read Anything and was captivated. I always had a heart for Africa and the additional stories changed me. God changed me. I craved a closer relationship with Him. As a single mom, I read the book with my preteen daughters. We did the Bible study and really dove in each night. At the end we talked about the prayer, total surrender, and what it means to be all in. I fell deeper in love with my girls and God that day. They told me that they would support me in the prayer and my walk with God, but they weren’t ready yet. He was more than plastic to them but not yet their everything. Well that brought me such joy. How great is it when you do your everything for two little girls and they can support you and pray for you in your dreams? My heart melts. That day life changed. I began to pray more and seek God first. I met an amazing man within the summer who loves God as much as I do. He is a perfect balance to me. God has put me in situations where the best things in life happen, right outside of my comfort zone. I’ve become a prayer warrior, and leader of our prayer team. Before I prayed anything my girls where the only ones to ever here me pray. I launched into missions with this man who is now my husband. We’ve been to Belize; Merida, Mexico; and Malawi, Africa. He was so excited about my journey that he read Anything and prayed. God rocked him too. We have each other to travel through this with. I believe God knew we would need that. We began dreaming with God and He put us in a position to open a missions ministry, Halieus International Support. Now my biggest dreams are a reality. Today I can tell you that I’ve been stretched and refined by God and I am still a work in progress. Jesus and God are first in my life (on most days) and I’ve never been more thankful for Anything. Thank you