There’s no book here.

Jodi green has an amazing life that will never have a book, according to her. I think maybe she’s wrong. Her life is a story.
She has been on her own since HS. Started college, and put it on hold to get married and have four children. She and her husband Jack, worked for a children’s organization and their children were home schooled. I met her thru my parents when they settled in Orlando and Jack worked in the public school system, while getting a doctorate. Jodi did some the typical church mom things, clubs, Bible studies, etc. See no great story there. That stuff is done by many women. So, Jodi decides to finish college and get a master in counseling. I am not sure the exact title, but she can counsel children. And friends, she’s real good at that. She was hired by a children’s home as a counsellor. One of those homes that’s the last place you go when foster homes etc haven’t worked out for you. Maybe that’s the story? Nope, but getting close. About six months, no maybe four, that she started that job the story starts. One Saturday morn they’re getting ready for company and that night, Jodi is in the hospital and Jack is being told she could die that night. That quick. Some friends went to the hospital and prayed there. Jodi stayed alive. I’m not a hospital friendly person so I stayed home and prayed. (Don’t judge. Jesus doesn’t mind where we pray) Jodi had exploratory surgery that found nothing, and was placed in an induced coma. Lots of medical stuff was done, by good doctors. And God worked. She survived. Necropsy from the drugs set in and in the next year she had about a dozen surgeries, had most of her fingers removed, and most of her feet. Specific details aren’t important because the fact she’s alive is what counts. She has prosthetics, and a walker and a wheel chair. Friends supplied an accommodating van when needed. She has therapy, has adjusted her schedule. They go to a later service cause the pain meds kick in and 12:00 is worshipful time. But there’s no story there? She works. She’s a children’s counsellor. She’s a friend. No story here. She told another friend that are lives don’t get a book. God’s goal is to let our lives be the story. Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s life is a story. Jodi will tell me my life is as amazing as hers. Less medical stuff. No homeschooling. Different drama. Do we love Jesus. Yeah. He’s pretty amazing. Amazing grace.