The road to my “anything”

Several years ago my dear friend, Lindsay, recommended a book. She’s good like that. She knew I was wrestling with questions like…What is my purpose here? What does believing in Jesus mean for my life? How do I know what Jesus wants for my life? She insisted that I read “Anything” by Jennie Allen. And I did. And I knew things were going to change. So I read A LOT of books, studied my bible, and starting following people that were living the “all in” life that I was seeking. I started looking into orphan care and poverty alleviation and missions. Little by little Jesus began reshaping my heart. Redirecting my priorities for myself and for my family. Moving me onto the path that He had for my life. Fast forward to this week in my story…We received our official notification from China that they have accepted our request to adopt our son, Nathaniel! Our first adoption but our fourth son. My husband and I will head to China in September to bring him home. And wait for it….our “Gotcha Day” is scheduled to be on 9.14.2015! “Gotcha Day” on the day that everyone will be gathering for IF:Pray! Only God!!