Small Starts to Surrender

It doesn’t have to be big to make an impact! My “Anything” story started 4 days ago when I prayed the prayer, “God, I want to do anything for You. Please show me how. ” The next day in church my pastor called an unexpected 3-day church-wide fast, and I knew God had heard me! He spoke through one of our ministers that we must see trials as opportunities, and immediately the tests began. On the second day of the fast, that I now call my “Anything Fast”, I cried my way through what would have been lunch, locked away in an empty office, because things I was holding onto were being revealed. I hated what I saw, but at the same time, I praised God for the beginning of my journey to Anything for Him.

  • Melissa

    For some reason, my picture posted sideways, which is pretty much how my life feels right now!