I am afraid I will be single the rest of my life. I am 24 now and have never had a boyfriend. It’s tough being patient.

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    Yes, it really can be hard, but continue in your faithfulness to the Lord! I was in my upper 20’s before I went on a date, let alone had a boyfriend! And even though I’m still single, I realized through that relationship that being someone’s girlfriend doesn’t make me any more (or less) important and loved by God. I didn’t suddenly become more valuable or worthwhile as a person just because a guy was showing interest in me. Yes, it’s really tough to feel all alone (especially when you’re feeling external pressure from friends and family, and your own friends are getting married and having babies), but try not to buy into the idea that dating, or marriage, or parenting, or anything else, will complete you. Those things, though they are very good, can also be a distraction from the Lord and they all have their own challenges.
    Please don’t feel like I just preached to you; all that was really aimed at my own heart and mind, and you just got to listen in on my thoughts! Stay strong, continue serving God through this time of waiting, and let’s both try to remember not only to pray for our own future, but the future of our potential spouses, and all other struggling singles out there!