Sadie’s Story

I never thought that anything like this would ever happen to me. I grew up in a normal Christian, albeit large, family. Everyone in my family (extended family included) had lots of children, close in age. My younger sister and I are only 13 months apart. So when the time came for my husband and I to start a family, I was not expecting to be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Which basically meant that I couldn’t get pregnant on my own, but the doctors couldn’t explain why. So my husband and I started fertility treatments – AKA months of pumping awful hormones through your body while regularly sitting at your doctor’s office in a waiting room full of pregnant people. AWFUL.

We hadn’t told many people about my infertility. It was mostly family and a few close friends who knew. However, one summer day, after getting yet another negative pregnancy test (and combined with those crazy hormones), a family friend happened to casually ask me how I was doing on our way out of a meeting at church. I think I just burst into tears. I told her about my infertility problems and the negative pregnancy test. This family friend, Dawn, happens to also work at Baptist Children’s Home, which does a number of things, one of which is adoption. She asked me if we had considered adoption. I told her it was a possibility, but we weren’t ready to pursue that option yet.

Fast forward to a few months later to the beginning of September. I attended the True Woman conference (2012) in Indianapolis, where one of the speakers challenged us to surrender our struggles to God. So I prayed and gave God my struggle with fertility. I didn’t feel any huge relief or anything dramatic, but I knew that God was in charge of my family. I continued to pray that God would bless me with children, but I was willing to accept whatever His will was.

Then on September 28, I got a voicemail from my friend Dawn, asking me to call her as soon as I was done with work. I called her on the way out of my car at the end of the day. She told me to come to the Baptist Children’s Home immediately if I could, but she wouldn’t say anything more. When I got there, she asked me if I was still open to the idea of adoption because a birth mother had contacted the office that day. She was planning a scheduled C-section on October 3 and she didn’t want to leave the hospital with the baby. OF COURSE, MY ANSWER WAS YES!!!! My husband was equally excited! We weren’t planning on adopting yet. I was still working through those fertility treatments. So we had NOTHING prepared. We frantically put together a profile for the birth mom to look at. She was going to be choosing between us and another family. On October 1 (just 3 days later), we got the call the changed our lives forever! She picked us!!!! We were going to have a baby in two days! We were over-joyed! A social worker came to our house that night and completed our home study in record time! She was there until 10 pm! On October 2, we had to run around to get everything we needed for our adoption – finger printing, physicals, TB tests, etc. Then BCH called and asked to come in for a meeting. We then found out that the birth father changed his mind and didn’t want the baby to be adopted. We were crushed, but we decided to pursue adoption anyway. (The birth parents weren’t together and the birth mother didn’t think he would be a fit parent.) We knew we would have to fight for her adoption, but there was no way I could give up this little unborn baby that easily. The next day, October 3, our sweet daughter, Sadie Rose was born. She was perfect and we couldn’t have been more over-joyed! But even while we were staying at the hospital, we already had to start the legal process of fighting for her adoption. We meet with several lawyers, spent countless hours on paperwork and legalities, and we were in and out of court, trying to keep the daughter we knew God gave us. There aren’t even words to describe the horror of someone trying to take your daughter from you. It didn’t make one lick of difference that Sadie was not biologically ours. She truly is 100% our daughter, from the moment we first held her right after she was born. I can’t even tell you how many hours we spent crying out to God in prayer. We even had people in other countries praying for us – people we didn’t even know! Our friends and family supported us the entire way – by providing financially, praying for us, and helping us out with all things baby. We were continuing to fight that battle, when in February 2013, we received another lift changing surprise – A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! Sadie was just 4 months old.

We found out I was due on October 22, 2013 with another little girl, we planned to name Ella. I had complications with my pregnancy, so my doctor said I needed to keep my stress level as low as possible. Like that was easy with a contested adoption! But my sweet husband shouldered almost all of the legal work for Sadie’s adoption during that time so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Then finally – we got the news we had been praying for! Sadie’s birth father had dropped his case! We were going to be able to adopt Sadie!!!!! Her final adoption hearing was scheduled for October 1, 2013, just two days before her 1st birthday. Nothing would stop us from that hearing!

But really early in the morning, on October 1, my water broke and I went into labor. Sadie’s hearing wasn’t scheduled until 11 am, but I was determined to not miss it. We weren’t putting the adoption off any longer. When we arrived to the courthouse, my contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but I was NOT going to delay the adoption! The judge granted the adoption and we signed the paperwork! Sadie was officially ours!!!! But we didn’t have a lot of time to celebrate because when I went to try to walk out of the courthouse, my contractions were so strong, I couldn’t walk. They were about 2 minutes apart. Somebody grabbed a wheelchair for me so I could get to the car and we headed straight to the hospital. Then 4 quick hours later, my second daughter, Ella was born!

Even now, 1.5 years later, I still can’t believe all the miracles we witnessed during that time! God’s provision was unbelievable! When we trust God, and surrender to Him, anything is possible!