Relinquishing Discomfort

I just paused my career to raise my babies but the last nine years are engraved on my heart. I worked as a pediatric oncology nurse. At first, it was a source of pride because when I told people what my profession was, I always received so much praise. But it became so much harder to walk through those hospital doors each day, each day God stretched me and called me to bear the burdens of others so that I could love my patients and their families as He loves us. No matter how difficult it was to do my job, to see children suffer, to witness tiny lives lost, God always reminded me of my purpose to bring Him glory. I prayed as I walked into work each day, I prayed as I administered chemotherapy, I prayed as I held little hands…and in relinquishing my discomfort and pain, God used me to touch many lives. I witnessed many miracles. I experienced children seeing Jesus as they took their last breath. God took me into an extremely difficult role of being “strong” as a caregiver but allowed me to be weak at the same time and rely completely on Him to live out my purpose.

  • Marie Drakulic

    My 11 year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer this past February. This is part of my anything story because I had been praying that God would use our family to bring Him glory. I never imagined that He would do it quite like this! I am SO thankful for nurses like you!!!
    ~Marie Drakulic