My anything was patience. Patience for God to come through. In the waiting for His glory to be revealed. In waiting for my husband. In waiting for Him to heal and save and redeem. My anything is trusting God’s timing and not my own. I was finally moved to do the anything prayer when I was a total wreck in worship one day at church. And I knew my next step was to go up to the prayer partner at the front of the stage and ask her to pray it with me. And she was so excited for me. I told her I wanted to give God everything. She reminded me that it was a daily surrender. And she is right. Everyday I yeild my life and the little things I start to take control of. I am enjoying giving things over to the One who gave them to me first. I am so inspired to look at the world in a way where anything is possible. He has grown so much bigger. And He continues to reward my waiting.