my own nature

In this period I’m in the middle of some changings in my life. I experience Gods work within me and I really feel that He is molding me. It’s hard and super neccesary! It’s my deepest desire to walk with Jesus every day and to feel the gracious love and acceptations of the Father.. even so the joyous work of the Holy Spirit. These changings make me really happy and more thankfull than ever. But the more I experience God and realize that He is preparing me for life with/for Him, the more I see myself standing between God and me. It’s so hard to trust God always and not to trust myself or other people. Sometimes it feels like I have to work that hard to stay with God.. and when I act like that, it even brings me further of God. I know that when God works, He’s gonna finish it and will never drop it.. and I have to remember myself that I need Him every single second of every single day. I need Him to hold me close to Him, cause naturally I’ll walk away from Him.. I need Him in everything.. I need Him to hold myself back and not to go between Him and me.. what a gracious God He is..!