My journey with infertility


  • Marissa

    Infertility is a serious problem for many women. Including me. I heard this diagnosis many years ago. Despite everything, even now I cry a lot. My biggest desire is to become mother. I refused from anything. Just to have a chance to feel the happiness of motherhood. Doctor said that surrogacy is the best variant for us to have own children. We looked for the clinic for a long time. Finally we decided in Ukraine. Perhaps their medical technologies are not so popular. But Ukraine earned its favorable reputation. We were in the biggest reproductive center Biotexcom. According to their laws, surrogate mothers do not have any parental authority. After the birth of our daughter, I was so happy. I`m so grateful to have my daughter, she was born by another woman. She is the closest person for me in the whole world and now I can`t even imagine my life without my little sunshine.

  • Patricia

    Infertility seems to be a “third rail” for social conversation. It’s an awkward and personal discussion which creates confusion, hurt feelings and mixed emotions for everyone. Meet my husband in my early ‘30s. I’ve spent my entire adult life PREVENTING pregnancy, so when he says “I’d like 4 or 5 kids”, I chuckle at my own wit as I callously respond “not with this uterus you won’t.” I really don’t think of myself as a mum. I am lot of things, but “Mum” isn’t one of them. But as I fall more in love and as I see him with children, I begin to see how having children with this man could be exactly what I want too. After trying “casually” for a couple of years, we finally make the dreaded journey to an infertility specialist. My visit to the doctor does little to ease my internal unrest. To say that my fertility doctor is a self-righteous donkey’s ass is somehow inadequate. My co-worker than advice to use IVF in one of Kiev clinic as she was there herself. They even offer all-inclusive packages for lower prices and with high rank of positive results. And they will prepare all needed documents for u. So we decided on it. During the first two weeks of your cycle when you’re doing IVF you’re going in for blood work and ultrasounds every day or every other day. After first cycle for three days I was on bed rest. Finally when it came we got the best news of our lives: we were pregnant. We were so happy. Now I have my miracle

  • Hayley Young

    I’m in my late thirties. I have found a man I respect, admire and love, and who feels the same way about me. Together, we want to build a loving and caring family. But nature, as we’ve found out, does not work on our time clock. For several years now we have been trying to conceive, and every month, as the end of my cycle approaches, I wait with great anticipation, and then deep sadness. I had read all of the statistics, that one in five couples now have difficulty conceiving. Nowadays pregnancy gets exponentially more difficult to achieve as you enter your mid-thirties. But somehow I never thought I’d be one of those numbers. Somehow, I thought when I was ready, my body would be too. And one day doctor voiced me diagnose – it was severe endometriosis and infertility. We understood that time is getting on and we need to decide what we will do in such a situation. Surrogacy was the only chance for us to become happy parents. We studied all the information about the countries where such program is conducted, pricing and so on. And we found Ukrainian Biotexcom center. The price pleasantly surprised us — we paid 30 thousand euros for the surrogacy program.