My Husband

My now husband and I met several years ago and we were married less than a year ago. I knew he was “the one” I was going to marry early in our dating relationship and I am thrilled that I can now call my best friend my husband. And while these first months of marriage have been wonderful, don’t get me wrong, they haven’t been perfect or always easy. There have been tough moments to be sure. So I’m under no illusion that married life is all flowers and date nights – I know it’s work! Yet even in the mess of married life, I have developed a love for him that I don’t want to have to live without and one of my greatest struggles has been the fear that I will lose him before I’m ready – that something, death or disease – would separate us. It’s embarrassing to admit that (maybe it sounds shallow for that to be my greatest fear??), but it’s true. It terrifies me.

I know there are no guarantees in life and I have no promise from God that my husband and I will live long lives where we get to be married to each other for 50 years. So, I am asking God to help me not live in fear – I can’t live in fear. I must find a way to trust him with anything that he may have planned for me and my husband – even if it means he would take my husband home early.