My daughter

We adopted Abby when she was 21 months old from Kazakhstan. Months later we realized something was very wrong. After a year and a half of testing and the craziest amount of seizures (sometimes over 50 a day), we almost lost her and were given a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. Her illness/struggle/diagnosis has consumed my soul in so many ways and remains one of my deepest spiritual battles. God has blessed her with mercy and healing in so many ways, yet she remains delayed in several areas and still battles seizures. The spiritual roller coaster I remain on continues to suck the life out of me. Is it founded on a spiritual battle? Can she be released/totally healed? Do I continue to fight for her healing/life or do I let go? Praying and fasting and begging and letting go and taking it back has exhausted me deeply. I live frustrated. The worst is when she seizes while I am praising God that she went through the night without one. It is a slap to the face and a wound, one of millions, to my soul. I am not sure I know how to let her go as I feel as her mother I have to remain on the battle field for her. I will order your book and pray God walks me through it and speaks to my heart.

  • Jennie Allen

    My heart is breaking for you friend… I can’t imagine the agony of watching your child suffer. I am so so sorry!

  • Desie Poston

    I don’t know what this is for, I have learned that illness is for the Glory of God, not too sure when it is your child. I can’t imagine what you go through, I can’t even have the words to say how very sorry I am you have to endure this. In the name of Jesus we can come into agreement world wide, with Jennie’s permission and send some healing your way and lift you both up in the name of Jesus.  I read the book, and I just could not put it down, I want to do missions work but my health has permitted me to thus far, so the book did make me anxious to want to reach out more to children than I do know for I work in the school system as a Sub teacher. May the Lord place his mighty wing over your heart and help bear all of your tears:) Bless you, Shalom

  • Gina Whaley

    Hi. I have two adopted children who suffered from some Neurological issues. I am doing therapy at home. IT is called Neuro Reorganization. They are healing by the grace of God!! Praying for you and your daughter.

  • Melissa Tomlinson

    My heart is literally feeling some of your pain. I won’t profess to understand. I think we’re all given “battles” and they are very specific to us individually. The best I can offer is my empathy and heartfelt prayers. My children both have mental health diagnoses and I realized my own issues through many years of their treatment. Scared, but helpful. Now my oldest is in a very bad place. Nearly an adult, his anxiety condition is so extreme that he is barely functional. When, prior to the last year, he was attending school, competing in short sermon competitions (we attended National Fine Arts 2012) and had an amazing future before him as an Evangelist after going to Haiti on a mission trip. Then it all fell apart and he was “attacked.” Spiritually? I don’t know. It was very real though. I now drive myself into the ground trying to determine “what” I should, could, need to do in order to restore normalcy. All the while, fearing for his mental health stability and will to live. It does suck the life out of me. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine your situation and watching this young girl experiencing seizures. I am sorry. I can only pray that God gave YOU this girl with her condition, symptoms and needs – for a reason. I know that sounds cliche… But, she needed someone who would help. I pray you find peace. I have not, but I try every day. Keep trying. Keep praying. Fight the battle until you have an end-result. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but I guarantee you’ll have your heart and life filled and restored for standing strong when she could not. Your advocacy, love and support are priceless. Bless you for caring for her. The picture is wonderful. I have two boys… She looks very happy!