My beautiful daughter

I am most afraid of loosing this beautiful young woman. I am on a journey to ask God to help me be the example that I need to be for her. To help me let go of my bitterness and anger, of my past hurts and failures. To help me enjoy and be happy in my bright future. So that she see’s that I was the best Mom that I am able to be.

  • Jacque

    I, too, have a daughter. I am struggling to support her throughout her struggles with depression and anxiety. It is hard to prop up someone while you are falling down. I need to lean on God and seek His strength and will for my life, not try to figure everything out on my own.

  • Adaeze Chukuemelie

    What a question! I look back at the years behind me and see a lot of ‘anything’s! I will share about learning to accept God’s doings despite my desires. The Lord found me as a teenager and kept me. Occasionally, I fell but, like Mary Magdalene He helped me up. He gave me a fine Christian young man as a husband before I turned thirty. My greatest joy was going to my husband without sexual escapades to tell. I was a gift to him, he says. I love children and was planning on having a very large family. When I lost three children consecutively. I became angry and withdrawn spiritually. I still went to church and worked for the Lord but it was mechanical. I felt I had been serving Him since my youth, had kept from immorality and deserve my reward. It took a long while but The Lord brought me to a place of acceptance and absolute surrender. I have a daughter today and I am always wondering how I can be a good mother to her and show her more than enough love. I still want children but that desire I have laid down at His feet. It is my anything, Lord.