My Anything: Trust

My anything story…
I said I could give God everything, put Him above all else, and love Him first and foremost…
But in my heart, I knew He really came second. My husband and my children came first, and no matter how much I tried to understand or change my heart, I couldn’t fathom putting even God before them.
Oh but the work He was doing in me! He took me on a journey, and I wouldn’t change ANY part of it now!
The things/people that I held higher than I held God, were exactly what He used to get my attention. His plan was and is perfect, and He knew exactly what He was doing.
I love sharing my story all for His glory in hopes to show others the power of God’s love. Something I thought I knew would be cause for divorce for me, God used to bring my husband and I closer together, giving us a stronger marriage than ever, and most importantly bringing us closer to HIM. HE grew us in our faith in ways we didn’t even realize how desperately we would need!
On the brighter side of this trial I actually wrote to someone:
“Justin and I continue to stay in God’s word daily, we found a wonderful church home, and we know we are right where God wants us to be and that HE has much bigger plans for us! HE’s our #1 now and will always be, because without HIM, we are nothing! We can’t wait to see where God takes us and how HE uses us, but we have our armor on and we’re ready!”
Little did we know, HE was just getting started!
6 months later, our 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. We told God we were ready for anything, and boy did He give us a mission! We never stopped clinging to Him! Our faith has only grown stronger, and we want everyone to know the God we know! I continue to pray for God to use me in ways that glorify Him…ANYTHING God.