My anything story

Dear Jennie-

When we met this past October at Preston Trail Community Church you were there to speak at the Reckless Women’s conference. You were gracious enough to talk with me a little bit, and you told me to write down my story- so here it is. I submit to you my story, because I believe in the power of what God can do with a life that is fully submitted to Him.

Four years ago, I was a lost and broken person. I was 150 lbs heavier than I am now, and I was bound by the chains of fear and insecurity. I did not know the Lord at that time. I was in the midst of reading your book Anything, actually, and after closing the last page, I heard the Lord for the first time. He said it’s time to change now, I can’t use you this way. I reached out and accepted the hand of grace and mercy that the Lord extended to me, and my life has never been the same. Since praying “Anything” that night alone in my bedroom, I not only lost the 150lbs but soon after, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I went from being isolated- no friends, no church family, no support system to taking my place at my local church, leading our girls in our youth group on Wednesday nights, and just for the latest update, I was asked to lead a group of women through the Anything study this fall. I am a little intimidated because they are all older than me and at very different places in their lives. Regardless of how I feel I am stepping out in obedience and doing what He is asking me to do. I am also looking forward to hosting an IF:Pray group in September! None of this would have ever been possible without the power of the Holy Spirit and your obedience in writing this book. God is still building my testimony, and I am not perfect by any means, but I am so fortunate that through this book I have learned about the power of submission…I am looking forward to the next leg of the journey! I have also included a picture- a before and after shot, and the picture of us at the conference last fall- hopefully you remember me, but even if you don’t just know that even from a distance, God has used this tool powerfully in my life.

Thank you for all that you do, and praise God for your obedience, it is making a difference more powerful than you know.


Ashley Garza