Musically Yours

“Pray with my piano students??? Really God???”
I sat during the evening service, listening as our church commissioned a young couple to the mission field. The testimony of the young mom, clearly surrendering herself, family and dreams to the Lord in the midst of fear, yielding to obedience, and my heart began to raise the question I knew God had been asking of me for several weeks. I’m a piano teacher, and I have 15 fabulous piano students from all backgrounds …. but over the summer as the fall was approaching, I clearly felt God leading me to off prayer at piano lessons – yes, prayer, to all my students! Of course, the enemy of my soul began to raise all sorts of questions …. “What if ?” …. “What if I received negative feedback, judgement, ridicule … or worse, what if I lost my income that our family is dependent upon for support to help supplement my husband’s income?” Several weeks before I had even voiced my thoughts to a “piano parent”, a Christian even, who’s response was, “Oh dear! You could lose students ….” and she voiced the very thing the enemy had been tormenting me with for weeks! So, as I sat there, watching this young mom surrender her all to join her husband and young family on the mission field, with complete abandon, I prayed, “Oh God …. She is willing to leave country, family, security, all for you …. and I can’t pray in the comfort of my own home, with kids I love, with no threat of such hardships… Oh Father, I’m so sorry …. ” and I clearly heard God say to my heart, “What if I gave you more than you could ever imagine … What if prayer changed EVERYTHING!!” and I could hardly wait for the service to be over to go home, write the letter to my returning students, and send it off!!!!! LONG STORY SHORT – EVERYONE of those students, believers and unbelievers alike, returned in the fall!!! AND, the prayer time has been INCREDIBLE!!!!! As the year progressed, we began not just praying for piano lesson, but including a prayer request or praise of the student and we have seen tremendous answers to prayer in my little piano studio, from ages 6 – 60-something!!! And one little boy in particular, who, when I offered to pray with him for the first time said, “Why are we doing this? God’s not alive!”, has SO listened …. and is beginning to let down the walls around his little heart …. and even his family is beginning to respond to the gift of prayer!!! As my year came to a close just last week, as we take a break for the summer, never has the evidence of success been so apparent, musically and personally, in the lives of all my students!!! Our final recital blew the top off of any other year I have ever had!!!!! And already in one week, I have a waiting list of five students hoping to join us in the fall!!! I have ALWAYS prayed FOR my students over the past 19 years, but I have never prayed WITH my students!! My eyes fill with tears as I consider the blessing I may have missed if not for OBEDIENCE!!!!! I memorized a little poem when I was in high school that goes like this – “Enough that God my Father knows … NOTHING this hope can dim … He gives His very best to those .. Who leave the choice to Him!!!” OBEDIENCE!!!! My ANYTHING – HIS GLORY!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!