I have come to realize that my Anything, changes, and was more than one thing. First, it was my family; then, it was my dream to fly; the hardest thing was my dream of a house, with land to farm, a garden of my own, Once I gave that, He showed me something even deeper, why that last thing was so hard. Most of my ‘things’ we destroyed, stolen, or not mine. I have never owned my own car, my own house, … not even my children are really my own, but on loan to me from God. I will have to let them go, too.. It created such a deep desire to have, that I have been existing, waiting for the day that I would have something of my own, but not really living. I love God, but I wasn’t all His. I was mine. I gave Him me. With all my selfish desires, jealous longings, and hopes for my own future. I surrendered it all. And wait for Him and His dreams and hopes for me to begin.