Life Unknown

Hello, My name is Hailey and my story starts here. In 2015 I wasn’t sure what God had planned for me, as I was freshly graduated out of high school and my mind was set to conquer the world. I spent my first month’s of this year wondering what my purpose was and what I could do with it. Purpose was my obedience–I wanted to know what it was like to have some meaning to the little things in life. Not long after this never ending contemplation, God has brought some sweet angels into my life. I became a in home nanny in February to late March. In that short time I was blessed to say I shared God’s word and love that he has for us all. Purpose is obedience. God had purpose for His words in the bible, as the people he brought into my life. When late March came around, I fell very ill with a rare case of mengonnical type B meningitis. My likely hood of waking up from with brain draining strain was unlikely, very unlikely in fact my family had given up on me–but, God hadnt. My obedience through faith pulled me through this long harsh time until I miraculously healed. Fast forwarding to where I am now, I could never wish for a more blessed life. I fell I’ll several times, attacked by a dog, got married, miscarried and then miscarried again–yet, my obedience through Faith brought me to where I am now and that is where I say….. amen.