Laying my Isaac Down….
My Desire for healthy baby… We have tried…no baby yet…1 more try…God is bigger than medicine but can use it…God opens wombs…He is still God even if He doesn’t open mine! Knowing God is not “Plastic” but REAL! I am experiencing more of God through this trial.

I studied the infertile women of the Bible …all but 1 experienced “temporary infertility” only to have God open their wombs in His perfect time…all went on to birth male children that became the patriarchs of our Christian faith. Sarah-mother of Isaac, Rebekah-mother of Jacob & Esau, Rachel (my name sake)-mother of Joseph & Benjamin (she died giving birth to him), Hannah–mother of Samuel, Elizabeth-mother of John the Baptist, Michal–David’s 1st wife that Saul gave to another man never and had a child that was recorded in the Bible. And in 2 Kings 4:8-17 which relates the account of the Shunammite woman whom the Bible calls the great woman. She was great in faith, wisdom, and silence. She opened her home to the prophet Elisha who later learned she was barren with an old husband and Elisha promised God would open her womb…in the spring she had a son.