In the waiting

I’m so unsure of so many things right now. I have prayed the anything prayer for awhile but it’s an ongoing prayer for me.

I was a stay at home mom because I thought it was the honorable thing to do. Though I look back and believe I was depressed and dying on the vine I still would do it again. However, my story and journey has so much to do with finding myself through personal growth both in formal education and reading/counseling. I’m not what some would think of as an intellect (I was a cheerleader my whole adolescent life) however I have been pulled in my adulthood to LEARN. I have had an insatiable desire to GROW.
Because of this posture of teach ability I found opportunity come. I’ve been open handed to what God might have for my life and for many years the doors would fly open before I was even prepared. I’ve learned to run fast and learn along the way. In an eight year period I went from home mom working on a bachelors degree to being a fullfilled working mom who completed two graduate degrees, conquered a lot fear in the process of writing and being critiqued as well as being a leader in the field of school counseling.
Currently I’m in a place of slight confusion of what God is doing. I have a passion for equity for students and to create safe learning environments (including safe from shaming – seriously, the Smurf story ripped my heart out). The doors I expected to open are not, and different ones are opening instead. Perplexed as I am, I am slowing down and asking God what he has for me to learn in this season.
I’m encouraged that though it looks like nothing is happening right now, that the next chapter of my life is in his hands.
I confidently know that there is a lot more to come in my story. I’m in the waiting…