I Am Not Living for Me

As a 17 year old senior in high school, praying the prayer of “Anything” is overwhelmingly scary… Sometimes I feel like I can pray it, but then I let my selfish nature get in the way, and convince myself to wait until I am an adult, or maybe just a little bit older.
But today, I realized that vowing to do anything can start really basic for me. I have to first acknowledge that my plans and my dreams are ultimately meaningless compared to God’s glory and His plans for me. This begins with me DAILY praying “Lord, what is it that you want for me to do to further Your kingdom?” Right now, I have lots of ideas about how God could use me… Does His will involve me traveling to Spain to work with the Hispanic culture? Should I start a Christian Crossfit movement in NWA? Will I have the opportunity to work with women through counseling? None of these things might be what God has in store, but today my anything is vowing to TRUST that His will is so much bigger and better than mine could ever be. My anything is asking God to use me how HE wants, and surrendering my control and desires at the foot of the cross.