I am not a Worship Leader

Up until the morning of Vacation Bible School two weeks ago, I couldn’t bring myself to put my name on the slot for “Worship Leader” at the opening/closing sessions for VBS. In fact, I told God, “I can’t do that. I DON’T do that.” I guess I realized that morning that no one was going to step in and rescue me from the role.

Reluctantly, I wrote in my name.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved training the teens in the Street Crew! Dreaming, organizing, and even choreographing fit me. Putting on the headset mic and taking the stage with teenagers-that was the hard part. But, if God wanted me to sing in front of all those people… if He wanted me to dance with kids almost a third my age… if that’s my #anything, then He’s trustworthy.

God showed up and reminded me that even though “I can’t” and “I don’t”, He CAN and He does. We had a blast! Kids worshipped. Teens led. I’d actually do it again. I loved seeing my daughter in the crowd. I loved leading with my son and his friends. My husband, Jeremy, stuck around one of the days. His comment made me realize how profound this little bit of #anything obedience was for me. He told me he saw a glimpse of the confidence he knew of me when we were in college. God drew out part of what He built into my personality that I had been pushing down for years.

This story is such a tiny slice of what He’s doing in me this year, but it’s a significant milestone on the path God has for me. God has called me to embolden women raising girls in disciple-making. I want to influence our generation to dig in deep into their own relationships with God and pass along that faith to our daughters behind us. I still may never be a Worship Leader, but I think He used the experience to remind me of how He equips us to do whatever it is He calls us to!