I am afraid God will ask me to remain single forever.

My heart’s deepest desire, the dream I’ve held on to and fantasized about since I was a little girl, is to be a wife and a mother. I grew up with parents who loved each other so incredibly much and who were never afraid to shower affection on one another in front of my three sisters and I. I grew up dreaming about having a marriage like theirs. One of my younger sisters married her high school sweetheart three years ago, and I was equal parts thrilled for them and sad for myself that I was nowhere close to walking down the aisle. Another younger sister married her college sweetheart one year ago, and I stood next to her as maid of honor, I prayed that the Lord would bless me one day (soon!) with a godly husband, too. I am now 26 years old – which is not by any means “old” nor does my age qualify me for “spinster”, but in the South most girls marry their beau fresh out of college… Not to mention, being the eldest of four girls and being the only single one in the bunch sometimes makes for awkward conversations (“Why is it that you can’t find a man, honey?” is what I was asked at my sister’s wedding reception one year ago…). But I am slowly learning that being single is God’s very best plan for me at this stage in my life. I pray that He’d deliver a godly man into my life soon and yet know that if it is to happen, it’s all in His good and perfect timing. I am learning that the best place to be is at the center of His will for me, and if that means that I’ll be single forever then so be it. Jesus will always be my heavenly Husband, and He will always be more than enough.

  • Very Much The Truth

    I certainly feel that God is really punishing us men out there that are having a very difficult time meeting a good woman to share our life with, and i will never ever understand why he would punish us this way when it comes to finding love and happiness with the opposite sex when it is very normal for us Straight Men looking to have a love life instead of being so very much Alone. And it hurts me very much to see that so many other men out there that were Very Blessed By God to have met the right woman for them to have a life together with their Families as well which many of us would had certainly wanted too, and we’re no different than the ones that have their life all together. What made these people so very Special in the first place?, and not us? I certainly wouldn’t want to be Alone the rest of my life which would really be very sad and depressing for many of us which i am sure many of you will really Agree with me too. Then again, with so many Very Mean And Nasty Women that we have out there now sure doesn’t help the situation either since it is really very difficult for many of us men to start a Normal Conversation with a woman that we would really like to meet. and then she will be Very Rude to us and walk away. The women of today are certainly nothing like the Real Good Women like we had years ago that were Much More Better Educated and were looking to meet a Good Man to settle down with and have a Family since Money wasn’t an issue like many of the women want today, and both many men and women were Very Committed to one another as well. And now with so many Gay And Bi Women today, it will certainly be much harder for us Good Men that are seriously looking to find love.

    • If Only God Made Normal Women

      You certainly nailed it.