Lord, You were good and faithful to give this to me. And You are good and faithful to ask me to hand it back over to Your care as You call me somewhere else. In the past years I have come to know every paint chip on that floor. I have painted it, cleaned it and repaired it. I have walked it thousands of times and felt the warmth of each light above. On that stage I hid from the world, prayed deeply and sung songs at the top of my lungs. It was my earthly refuge that I could transform into anything I needed it to be. It was my one home that never changed when all the others around me did. And even better, I got to share it. You gave it to me to share with a hundred little ones. It was a place that I got to help them feel comfortable, where I got to teach them not to fear it, but to find the magic in it. When I look at it empty, I remember dance parties and goofy games and laughter. I remember costumes and hairspray and group prayers and the tears from little eyes that flowed in special, sentimental moments. I remember seeing my kids grow and change when they discovered the joy that is in this place. How they found something in themselves that they never knew was there and then delivered it the world. This stage has been the foundation for friendships that have changed me for good. It has been an outlet for the gifts you have given me. It has held my fears and frustrations and my biggest smiles and deepest laughter. It has held so many of my conversations with You. Conversations that led me to hear You say, “It’s time to not just play the part anymore but to live the part.” It’s time for me to step into Your script where the whole world becomes my stage. And so I give this one back to You, not only this space, but all that I’ve let it hold over the years. I entrust it all to Your care my sweet Father. I can’t thank You enough for the years You gave me here.