god i give you my everything

hi my name is sherri howard im 35 years old and i have three boys 18,16,6 they have been my strength i have always known who God was but i was just running away from him to seek love from others because i didnt get it as a child these last 11 months have really brought me closer then i have ever been to my God in along time he has took me from kansas to atlanta ga and from there to san diego california with nothing but him me and my six year old son it has been very scarey at times not knowing if we were going to be homeless on the street or with out food but because i have stayed faithful and relied only on him he has showed me how to trust and how he has used others to provide for me and my son i feel like iam the most blessed person in the world he gave me a second chance on my journey i found out that i tried to kill myself again it happpened sept,17,2010 i could only remeber for along time of what happen before the accident but he helped me to know every bit and piece of what he could have alllowed to happen not to many people can say that they have died and came back but i have i was the only person hurt thank God on this day but iam so thankful that even though i tried to give up on him that he loves me and he did not give up on me so know i shout from the roof tops about god has changed and is continue to mold me in to the person he wants me to be my God is awesome and he can move mountains thank you so much for allowing me to share my story