Give it all

Jeannie – i found your Bible Study late, wish I could have joined live. My story is that in May both my husband and I left our jobs, sold our home and all our belongings and began a new adventure. We have been in full time ministry for over 30 yrs but the Lord laid on our hearts the 22 veterans a day that commit suicide – NO HOPE. It became such a burden that we simply had to do something. Our son is Army and was hit twice by IED’s in Afghanistan, my husband is an Army Reserve Chaplain. We started Warrior180 (turning lives around with Jesus). So today is Oct.1st, 2015 – giving it all ….we have no home, we have no apt or place to live, we have very few personal possessions and have not had an income since May. Our prayer from day one has been “Lord, we are yours, we are completely available, led us where you need us, we are wholly yours.” Easy? not at all. Growing? Everyday. I believe the Lord has great plans for each of us if we give it all to him. I have very little standing in the way of me and my relationship with the Lord now … again, I wish I had found you earlier — I am eager to connect with believers and being nomads (as my husband likes to say as opposed to ‘homeless’) I long for fellowship with women, not just church dinners – accountability and connections.
God is Good — and I will trust in Him. I agree with you on this life being temporary – we feel we need to step into as many lives as we can to show them the other side of this thing we call LIVING.