Future Dreams

I’ve been praying for a husband and desiring to start a family for the past 14 years. I am 35 and unmarried. I have tried everything I know to do. I guess it is time to give up my desires for these good things, in order to be open to other dreams….

  • http://twitter.com/JennieSAllen Jennie Allen

    I am so sorry. I know they must feel like the best of dreams too. I pray for peace for you as you seek God through this.

  • CMrs.H

    I can really relate to where you are.  I recently turned 36 and wanted to start a family when I was 24. God blessed me with my husband at 32 but I still long deeply for children.  It is so easy to let my emotions control the way I feel about my life but I always go to Jeremiah 29:11-14, God will give you hope and a good future.  My plan rarely looks like his but I am learning to let go because his plan is so much better. I pray you grasp and know the peace of God. Ask him to let his desires for your life be yours.  

  • cherylannh

    I can relate to this although I have to say, I have not tried everything–I have no online dated, allowed myself to be set up with blind dates, etc. My heart is to work in ministry somewhere with a husband helping American teens in foster care. It seems like such a desire that only God would place within me, but still I wait. I have traveled, done short term missions and really believed I have trusted God to use me for anything. I can look back and see how that was not the case in some situations, but it was in many. But God has a plan so I walk each day looking for opportunities that God provides for me to give him glory. Someday I will be the blessing to others that I want to be though I am sure he is still using me to minister to those around me. I am almost 46 so at times, I experience actual grief that I will most likely not birth my own children though I know someday I will have children in my life and home.