From Nothing to Anything?


In the middle of a barrage of sniper fire starting the Fiesta parade
God saved me and mine with just one bullet to my leg

A brown recluse spider bite certainly could have done me in
But God had the only known antidote before nerves were ruined.

Depression so deep-no such thing as “tie a knot and hang on”
But God said “look up to Me and you’ll be singing a song!”

Two nervous breakdowns, a plethora of ECT treatments, too,
God said “Do not worry, I will make you Better than new.”

As a single mom with very little means, a tree fell on my roof
God sent a man to take it down; took in payment all the wood.

My son lost his only pair of glasses in a large rubber ball pit
After we prayed, a little girl reached down and said “are these it?”

One Christmas Eve I succumbed to a lot of smoke I imbibed.
Doctor said “Basically you died”, God said “It’s not your time.”

So if you think that miracles stopped in Bible times
Just take a look at a few of the miracles of mine
God does His miracles each and every day
Some “big” and some “small” each in their own way.

But if you really look at them from God’s point of view
Each miracle is something only God can plan and do
The purpose, the timing, the grace and mercy are only His
So look at your life from His viewpoint and His miracles witness!

I’ve lost my physical, mental, emotional and financial health
But with Jesus I’ve never lost my spiritual wealth
He’s given me back all I’ve lost and much more beside
And I know that it’s because He is Lord of my life!

**So shouldn’t I be able to give Him Anything
I should but I’m still afraid I’ll fail Him, disobey His “hard” commands!