I am a Christian who loves God and has since an early age. I attend a great church where the Lord makes His presence known. He has been real to me for a long time; however I still struggle daily with living for Him. I may not commit what some consider “the big sins” –even though sins are ALL the same– but I often feel like I should be doing more for God. I try to remind myself daily to “pick up my cross and follow Him.” This may sound silly, but although I believe in Him and know His plans for us our amazing, I am scared to live forever with Him in Heaven. I know it is going to be a perfect place, and I am sure that if by His grace and mercy I am able to go, I will enjoy it, but in the here and now, the concept of eternity is frightening! I need to continue to try and give Him everything. My life here on this earth, for His will to be done, and my fear of forever, even in the best place imaginable! I am grateful that He loves me and understands me even if others do not. Pray that I continue to seek His perfect peace and will for my life.