Fixation for His glory.

Hello! My name is Jordann, I’m 20, and this is my Anything. Here I am sitting at a Starbucks and I get to the last project Jennie challenges me with and she wants me to post my story online. Immediately I say no, but then I recall that this is exactly where Jesus wants me. Outside of my comfort zone. This study has really impacted my life. It has made me so much more passionate about the Gospel. I have been able to look back on my life and realize where God was working and what He is doing right now. Not only do I fear, love, and know God better than I did before I read this book, but I can see where he wants me next. My Anything consists of God calling me to trust Him in new ways. I have been on a journey of learning what it means to fully surrender to Him. I crave time with Him more than I crave attention from guys. I have comitted to improving my prayer life. Praying over my friends and those closest to me as well as every situation and possibility that God puts before me. I want to invest in people more than ever before. I never want to start my day without Jesus. I give God my finances, my future plans, and my comfort. He has called me to live differently. To inspire. To encourage. To share. I no longer want to hold myself back from what He has. I am handing over everything and can’t wait to see where God uses me.