Fear Not

My women’s Life Group is just finishing the “Anything” book study. It has been quite a journey since January 2016. We have shared openly and honestly our spiritual journeys, the ups and downs and have loved one another well. I included a picture of the domino I selected at our IF Gathering local retreat. The container went around the table and I was to be the second last one to draw a domino. I said in my heart that I hope my domino has 33 on it. As you can see, it does. 33 is a special number for me. It the age Jesus was when He gave His anything so we could inherit His everything through faith in Him. My mother was born in 1933 and when she passed away one year ago (3/22/15), the estate account had the number 1933 in it. I often wake at 3:33am and pray for whoever the Lord needs me to pray for. I know we shouldn’t put a lot of emphasis on numbers but I’ve come to realize that sometimes God uses numbers to either get our attention or to bless us by letting us know He’s always with us. Whenever I see 11:11 on a clock I consider it a “wink from God”. So I wrote a passage on my domino from Joshua 1:9 because my “anything” is allowing God to work through me to make me strong and courageous. I don’t have to be held back by fear. I don’t want to live a “medium life” but one of meaning, purpose and kingdom building. So grateful for this journey and excited to see what God has in store for my future.