I want to surrender my fear of failure. I’m so afraid of making a mistake that I don’t even try. Lately it seems every day I’m being reminded that God can’t work in my life as He wants to when I’m trying so hard to control everything so I don’t make a mistake. I want to step into the abundant life He’s longing to give me if I’ll take His hand and trust Him to never fail me.

  • Jennie Allen

    I feel this too. It held me back for so long. Praying you taste that freedom.

  • Amy

    I have failed in so many ways in my life. I read Anything over the weekend. i feel less than so much more than i feel adequate. I have made choices that were not good ones, I have fallen, I got up, i tried to do the next right thing. but in the back of my mind is this old tape that plays over and over in my head,  “your not good enough, your not smart enought, look at everything that has happened in your life, what could you possibly have to share with “good christian women”? i have prayed about my anything and today it is for me to show God through my thoughts, actions, and words  to my family and friends. I think that just might be my anything. I wanted something grand and world stopping but I realized that God was saying “Amy, your anything is right here in front of you, your family needs to be shown about the true love of God by example, your example.”