Defending the Oppressed

This is a story of my best friend who loves Jesus without abandon, willing to be obedient to God’s calling when He tells us in Isaiah 1:17, “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Dyanna’s story begins about 5 years ago when she read a book that turned her life upside down, “Kisses for Kate”. She realized that in America we are handed so much that we sometimes let “things” get in the way of fully relying on Jesus and his strength. She talked to her husband and told him the night she finished the book that they needed to move to Uganda and start an orphanage. Her husband, hearing this, said they needed to pray about it and seek God’s direction. That night they came to the verse in Isaiah and was given a very clear calling to foster, but foster here in America, and not only foster, but foster the children that even many foster homes didn’t want… the medically and behaviorally challenged.
In the mean time, I was going through a very dark time with my marriage ending in a tragic way. Dyanna was right by my side the whole time, supporting me through prayer and helping me with my children on days I just couldn’t even bring myself to smile. She was an advocate for me finding ways I could get financial support and sharing my story with virtual strangers who donated grocery and gas gift cards to get me through.
Over the past five years, Dyanna has opened her home and heart to medically fragile foster children, has become their advocate for just medical treatment, loved every one of them like they were her own, and is in the process of adopting. I’m now in a much better place, mostly because of Dyanna and others who loved me and cared for me without judgement, and now I’m able to give back in my own way. I’m able to support Dyanna and her husband’s efforts for foster care by giving them much deserved breaks from the hectic hustle and bustle of family life and foster care life by babysitting and caring for her 4+ kids, so they can have a date night at least once per month. I’m blessed to be able to support my friend and blessed to get to be a part of fostering in my own way, for now….
Dyanna “defends the oppressed”- foster care advocate for the medically and behaviorally challenged. “Take up the cause of the fatherless”- loving and caring for the parentless in the foster care system who are so sick most foster families don’t even want them. “Plead the case of the widow”- I consider myself the modern day widow and she has come along side me and loved and supported me in so many ways I can’t even count!
This past winter Dyanna hosted an If:Gathering and blessed 8 women beyond words! We were inspired to get out in our community and DO for God!!! I’ve attached a picture of her table she set up for us and a picture of her and I during the beginning days of her foster care and my very dark days. I know Dyanna would be so blessed to be able to come to Austin in Feb. to be filled up and rejuvenated to continue to live out Isaiah 1:17.