At the moment it is comparisons. I hear of what someone is doing for God and next thing you know I am poking myself with questions, or really God with them. But then He doesn’t allow me to go too far down that path, and instead interjects His thoughts to interrupt my own and I am reminded that what He has called me to and who has made me to be is just as important. I am reminded that with God there is no favoritism. And that the languages He desires me to speak are that of faith and obedience, not comparisons. He gently challenges me with a “is not what I have BETTER than what your mind can conceive?” As yes, it is! And so, if I am an orange, then okay, I want to be an orange. Or if I am an apple, okay, then I want to be an apple. Because if I spend my time trying to be an apple if I’m an orange or an orange if I’m an apple… yeah, no. I want what You have for me Lord, and trust that it is good, that it is important, and that it is blessed. Thank you for stepping in today and halting the comparison-game I was starting to play that would have robbed me of gaining more of YOU!