Chelsea’s Anything

We were sitting in Starbucks having a way too private conversation in public, but we didn’t care. “I’m not afraid to die” my dear friend Chelsea voiced. She had been battling Lymphoma for 1 1/2 years and at the young age of 24 she was facing her mortality. We prayed and talked as reality sank in. She shared that her prayer to God for years had been that she would do ANYTHING in order for her family to come to know Christ. Was this her “anything”?

Fast forward several months. She was planning her Celebration of Life service. This was emotional territory but her heart of faith and unrelenting trust in Jesus strengthened us all. Just two weeks before her death she was able to witness her mom’s step of faith to trust in Jesus! This was her life’s prayer! Her mom’s plan was to be baptized at Chelsea’s Celebration of Life service.

The day of her service her mom was baptized and Chelsea’s pastor preached her favorite sermon from several years back. He gave the opportunity for spontaneous baptisms and her aunt, uncle, cousin, and several of her students gave their lives to Christ right there and were baptized! The Holy Spirit was sweeping the room. I knew then that this was Chelsea’s “anything” and she had the bravery to let the Lord use her. She wasn’t afraid and she kept pressing into Him.