Broadening the Path

Because of THIS book and THIS prayer, the last 6 months of my life have been incredible! In August 2015, I took a 50th birthday cruise to Alaska and decided to read “Anything” in my spare time. LIFE CHANGING!!!
I read about 2/3 of the book before I returned home, and began asking God to show me MY Anything…and then, ANYTHING happened!
I reached out on someone else’s behalf to inquire about some materials on emotional healing and recovery in the church. The person on the line assumed it was for me and began thanking God that I FINALLY accepted my calling (??? Total surprise to me!) But after they prayed for me, God spoke SO clearly that He WAS calling me! I thought I was helping someone else, but God was actually steering me to His purpose for my life!
I sought confirmation with my pastor since I felt like the call was to help people in (and associated with) my home church. He almost cried as he explained that he had been waiting for 5 years for me to come forward!
I would like to formally announce the birth of a ministry — Path 2 Peace of Fresh Anointing Christian Center (Upper Darby, PA)! This is a ministry of healing in community for members of the church, their families, and neighbors. We will embark on our first 9-week journey of admitting and working through the emotional healing/recovery process TOGETHER beginning April 6th of 2016! I have the full support of my pastors (who made the training mandatory for all church leaders, and those seeking to become leaders in the future). The youth and young adult ministries are also going to form small groups to work though the process as well! We are even working on a Mental Health/Grief/Addictions Symposium to build awareness of these issues in the church! This is SO BIG, and I feel SO small, but God has assured me that “He is with me, He is for me, He has a plan for me, and He knows what He’s doing!” I welcome the birth of my ANYTHING!