Bridget’s Cradles

Sometimes our worst fears become reality. Sometimes we face impossible situations. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in on us. In times like these it’s easy to become a victim, to feel sorry for your self, to be angry with God, and to lose hope; but that is not true of my friend Ashley Opliger. In a time when it would have been easy to give up she turned to God. As her world crumbled she prayed that God would pick up the pieces. She knew there was a plan. God was about to do something big and although she couldn’t possibly have know what that would be she prepared her heart to surrender to “anything.”

In her Blog Post she writes: “I fell face down on the floor of what would have been her nursery. Gasping for air and crying out to the Lord in a desperate plea for answers: What are You doing? Why are You letting this happen to me? Why, God? What is Your purpose in this? What am I supposed to do now? How can this be Your plan for me? What do You want from me?
All my hopes and dreams seemed to be shattered. My plans turned upside down. My whole life seemed to come down to this very moment. This breaking point. This moment of truth. This moment of surrender.This was my ANYTHING moment. The coming to the end of myself and my life and surrendering it all to Him…”

I remember the joy I felt when Ashley announced she was expecting and I also remember the heartbreak I felt when she called and told me she was experiencing severe complications. I prayed fervently that God would protect her pregnancy and Bridget would be born healthy. Ashley did not deserve this! Nobody does. I prayed God would spare her the pain and work a miracle. God had another plan. The answer to her “anything prayer.” Soon after Bridget was born God revealed to her: “It is My desire for every family who loses a baby to know Me and know the hope of Heaven.” This is when Ashley knew it was her duty to start the Bridget’s Cradles Ministry.

Today, less than 9 months after Bridget’s birth the ministry birthed in her honor has received national recognition, they’re supplying cradles to hospitals across the state of Kansas, and they are working regional coordinators in cities across the country. Bridget’s Cradles is on it’s way to comforting and spreading the hope of heaven to families across the nation.

All of this is possible because of Ashley’s obedience to God call on her life and the answer to her “anything prayer.” What is your Anything?!The-Birth-of-Anything-bridgetscradles-anythingproject/c1def/5567c65d0cf298b2d3eddb9c

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