Better Days

The phone ringing in the wee hours of the morning startled me but did not surprise me. Emily’s tearful voice on the other end sounded so heavy and hopeless. She could not believe it had come to this. Luke, her nineteen month old son in need of a heart transplant, could be taken off the transplant list due to the clots in his lungs. The doctor’s had exhausted themselves trying to clear the blockage. I listened as she cried, hearing the fear and anguish in her voice. My husband took my hand (and he prayed) as I tried to find the right words to console her. Over the course of all these months my words over and over to her had been “better days”. I told her how we had prayed for God’s will for Luke and, if that meant an eternal homecoming for Luke, that he would be made whole and in no more pain. He had better days ahead of him, no matter what.

Praying, facing, and accepting the “God, anything” prayer can be unbearably hard. It reminds us to trust, obey, and have faith. It can renew our strength and it gives us hope when we remember God is all-knowing and in complete control. Our hearts crushed, we reach surrender and wait for a turning point to come.

For Luke, the newness of another day brought fresh ideas from the medical staff, an infusion treatment that could possibly shrink his clots and clear the blockage enough so he might remain on the transplant list. The procedure was administered and it worked!

Emily updated on social media, sharing the good news with all of those who had been following Luke’s journey. Again, she asked for everyone to pray for Luke to receive a heart soon. With growing complications from having a mechanical heart in place for so many months, there was a greater sense of urgency in Emily’s request. And yet she reminded us all of what having an answer to our “God, anything” prayer meant; for our desires to be met, another family (of a potential heart donor), would be giving up everything.

It is written in God’s Word, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

January 28, 2014 became Luke’s Happy Heart Day! Our anything prayer for Luke answered!

From that day to now I often think about a mother I will never meet, and I wonder when she faced the death of her own child did she utter, “God, anything?” Her willingness to think of others in need- in such an overwhelming time of grief for her and her family- gave life to Luke and strength to carry on to my friend Emily.

This week we gathered as a family to celebrate Luke turning three! He continues to grow and thrive; a walking miracle, testifying to the greatness of God without speaking a word! He is evidence of how God’s power works through a global community willing to pray and think of others. We are living better days! #anythingproject